Tails 4.17: software updates and smaller bugfixes for anonymous os

A new version of the Debian-based, anonymous live system tails is now available. The developers have in Tails 4.17 updated supplied software and thus eliminates some attacking possibilities; In addition, they have screwed on the reliability of the automatic upgrade process and fixed some bugs.

The Linux Distribution Tails ("The Amnesic Incognito Live System") Supplies users to move (possibly) anonymously on the Internet to bypass state censorship and leave no traces on used computers. In addition, it brings with tools to protect sensitive files and digital communication from unauthorized access.

Fresh software improved automatic upgrades

Tails 4.17 raises the goal version serving as the basis for anonymization to The gate browser has also received an update, with the Tail developers in the release notes a typo allowed to undergo a typing: the gate browser version 10 specified there.0.14 is expected according to Release Schedule either in April. Meant is probably version 10 instead.0.13 (Release today Tuesday) on Firefox 78.9 ESR is based and thus at least four vulnerable fixes on board. Also the Thunderbird update to 78.8 LIVES FOVE WEIGHTS. The bootloader Grub was on 2.04-16 updated.

Streaming: dazn rises roughly at the champions league

The streaming provider Dazn shows the season 2021/22 almost all audiobooks of the UEFA Champions League. With the exception of a game on Tuesday, which will be on Amazon, the Champions League will run from summer 2021 then exclusively at Dazn for three years. This enables the company an open mystery on Tuesday. The previous place Hirsch Sky has to remain drapes at the Champions League.

When assigning the transfer rights for the Champions League seasons 2021/22 to 2023/24 in December, Amazon had secured a top game on Tuesday. In which framing Amazon will show these games is not clear yet. After Discovery suddenly wanted to seek the right-to-licensed rights because of the Corona crisis, the online landlord spontaneously secured some Bundesliga games and transfer them without additional fees at Amazon Prime video.

Newcomer with ambitions

That sky is out at the Champions League, the company had already snapped at the end of last year. This was how only Dazn stayed. The newbie on the streaming market was launched in Germany 2016 with Live Games of the English Premier League, which were previously seen at Sky. Since the season 2018/19 Dazn has the rights of the UEFA Europa League, which go to RTL from the season 2021/22. From 2019, there were also Bundesliga games at Dazn, whose rights had bought originally discovery. From the coming season, Dazn shows all Friday and Sunday games.

Vanmoof: app update removes us maximum speed for e-bikes

With an app update, the Dutch e-bike manufacturer Vanmoof preserves its customers in front of Arger with the police: The new version of the application removes the possibility to set the engine to US maximum speed. In the settings of the app no longer finds the selection menu with the EU and USA options. Instead, the app present only one button for backing the land settings. Who has operated his bike with US speed limit, only needs to print the button once, whereupon the wheel automatically sets itself on the EU specifications.

Vanmoof: app update removes us maximum speed for e-bikes

Screenshot from the new VanMoOF app: the possibility to switch between US and EU has been removed.

For several weeks, in Pedelec forums, the reports of drivers with e-bikes of the company Vanmoof, who reported by vanished controls by the police. The smart e-bikes of the Dutch manufacturer allow you to adapt various settings on the bike to your own desired wish settings in the associated smartphone app. While most options are useful, has one of them potential for legal problems: in the random settings of the app lay down whether the wheel is moved in the EU or in the USA.

Vaccination appointments in nrw: websites and hotlines overloaded after launch

At the start of the vaccination schedule in North Rhine-Westphalia, there has been a rush to the registration websites and hotlines. The Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of North Rhine and Westphalia-Lippe spoke of an overload and asked for patience.

Too rough rush

Extremely high access numbers to the websites and a high volume of calls to the 116 117 hotline currently led to significant delays in booking appointments for those eligible for vaccinations over the age of 80 in NRW, the organizations reported on Monday afternoon. "Work is underway to eliminate the bottlenecks", heb it further. "Anyone who has the option of booking an appointment at a later date should make use of this option."

The group of people entitled to vaccinations, who will be able to make appointments from Monday, comprises almost one million people in NRW. Despite the rough call center capacities with around 1,200 employees and the online portals created specifically for booking, it is so rough that there are bottlenecks in the allocation of appointments, at least to start with.

Vivaldi browser supports apple's m1 chip and gets faster's M1 chip and gets faster

On the internet it can never go fast enough. Therefore, Vivaldi made his legs of the same name: he opens tabs twice as fast as before. “Even a new window now opens 26 percent faster”, Looks forward to Vivaldi boss Jon von Tetzchner. Version 3.7 Supports Apple’s Arm-based M1 processor, which makes surfing much faster. Compared to Intel Macs, the speed should have doubled according to the manufacturer.

The developers have pushed performance on their to-do list at the top. High speed tanning the highest prioritat, explaining tetzchner in the Vivaldi blog. Compared to the previous version 3.6 Offen the new Fang Tabs by 100 percent. This has shown its own benchmarks of the manufacturer. Users who divide their tabs into different browser windows can also be happy about short reaction times.

Context menu as desired

His fans accooks Vivaldi with special stitch options that do not offer other browsers. New is the possibility to pay the context menu (which is available via right-clicking on a web page) individually. For example, overflow occurrence can be easily postponed or sweeten. The extensive “Menuanpang” is under the Vivaldi settings “depiction” to find.

Tuxedo has introduced the 2021 models of the two notebooks XP15 and XP17, which therefore complies with NVIDIA graphics chips of the RTX 3000 series and thus are suitable for playing. Name Giving are the display coars of 15.6 and 17.3 inches. Away from the screens there are only a few differences between the two models.

So the XP15 can be equipped with a GeForce RTX 3060 in the most favorable configuration; Geforce RTX 3070 and GeForce RTX 3080 are available for a surcharge. The XP17 is only with 3070 or 3080er graphics chip. In all cases, the GPUs under load permanently record 90 watts under load and for a higher boost again additional 15 watts.

Various screen options couples Tuxedo to the selected GPU: It starts with IPS panels that represent 1920 × 1080 pixels (Full HD) with 144 Hertz, cover the SRGB color space fully cover and light up to 300 CD / m². More expensive variants dominate G-SYNC or 300 Hertz. The top models with GeForce RTX 3080 or Geforce RTX 3070 set on OLED displays with ultra-HD resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels) and 60 Hertz – optionally factory-calibrated.

5G demand builds business at the chip concier qualcomm

At the chip concier Qualcomm, the interest in rapid 5G data radio provides for rapid growth. In the past quarter, sales rose by 65 percent year-on-year to 8 billion US dollars. The profit also jumped from $ 845 million (715.5 million. Euro) a year ago on last good two billion dollars high.

However, this is a comparison with a weak quarter after consultation of borse experts, like CNBC notes. In the second quarter of 2020, the chip developer recorded lower demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. Qualcomm is strongly in the business with 5G modems, with which the Californian company also supplies Apple’s iPhones. Also, the main chips of many smartphones with Google’s operating system Android from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm achieves 80 percent of its turnover with the selling of these chips. Here, the revenue at the last year has increased by 70 percent to $ 6.47 billion, as Qualcomm announced after US Borsen’s deadline on Wednesday. Groomed growth in the semiconductor area recorded Qualcomm with modem chips, for example for 5G mobile radio. Sales increased by 114 percent to $ 957 million.

Specialist deficiency: it companies protest against trump's visa stop's Visa Stop

US IT corporations such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft protest against a decree of Prasident Donald Trump, with which he has stopped the ie of new work visas on Monday with immediate effect. Affected by the decision are also highly qualified specialists, which usually take over the H-1B visa program for a period of time in the US jobs or studying.

Three quarters of this normally 85.000 A year immigration permissions go to Indians who work in the IT industry. According to estimates, the frosting meets around 525.000 people, among which many programmers, computer experts and scientists are. Trump funded the step that the coronavirus pandemic unemployment in the country has quadrupled between February and Marz alone and millions of people without employment.

“American workers compete with foreigners for workplaces in every sector of our economy”, wrote Trump in the arrangement. “Without counterclaims, the United States is a potentially lengthy economic recovery with persistently high unemployment”, If the offer is exceeding the demand for laborers.

Shortly informed: ransomware, repair program, electric cars, airtags

Determine with Ransomware attacks as in terrorism

To take a coordinated against cyber attacks with ransomware, the US Department of Justice has instructed penal purposes throughout the country, investigations in such traps with the prioritat performed, such as terrorism. Attacks with ransomware and digital developments have often been carried out by internationally operational managers, the Department of Justice is buried the step. In order to act effectively against these groups and attract the upgraded connections, you have to centralize the investigation. Prisoners throughout the country that determine in such cases must now pass on details without exception. So one can find connections between those responsible and at best stop the entire chain up to the top.

Shortly informed by Our Site · Short informed 04.06.2021: Ransomware, repair program, electric cars, airtags

Thuringen launches repair program

Repair electrical apparatus instead of throwing away – a new Commissioner of the Ministry of the Environment wants to animate the Thuringers. Be waived "Repair bonus" For example, for washing machines, vacuum cleaners or laptops. The program will be together with the consumer center on 15. June started, the Thuringian Minister Minister Anja announced Siegesmund. She spoke of a project unique in Germany, which should provide for more sustainability in dealing with broken household-guards or mobile phones and thus less electrical rubring.

Independent report: facebook does not do enough to protect burger rights

The final report of an independent, two-year investigation of Facebook’s guidelines and their implementation certifies the social network, not enough for the protection of user rights to do. Although there was progress, but as well "Significant rucks for the burger rights", So the authors and US Burgerrellers, Laura W. Murphy and Megan Cascace from the law firm Relman Colfax. The investigation had commissioned Facebook itself.

The 100th paper has been published on Wednesday. Facebook does not have the infrastructure to protect burger rights and place freedom of expression against discrimination against discrimination. Some decisions of the network were made contrary to the expertise of burger lawliers. Writing the authors of the report, many people who have been involved for years for burger rights and freedom of expression, be de-exchanged and sour because their use show little effect.

Facebooks insight hold in limits

Mark Zuckerberg showed little clearly, he repeatedly relied on freedom of expression, rated now improvement. His right hand, manager Sheryl Sandberg, had already been committed to the publication of the report on their Facebook profile, one will make changes.