Fast gaming monitors: displays with up to 360 hertz

Fast gaming monitors: displays with up to 360 hertz

Acer has explored three monitors for players, which come with little widespread or unique specifications so far. All three are characterized by their high refresh rates in the respective resolution.

The 24.5 inch RBE Predator X25 represents the second contaminated model indicating 360 images per second. For this purpose, it sets on NVIDIAS News G-Sync module with Displayport 1.4 – and usually active cooling by means of air. The resolution of the IPS panel is disrupted on Full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels); The SRGB color space covers 99 percent. The maximum brightness is loaded on 400 cd / m² (Display HDR 400). Asus has shown a similar Rog-Swift model on the IT Messe CES 2020 that was allowed to use the same display technology.

Fast gaming monitors: displays with up to 360 hertz

Specifications of the three monitors: Noteworthy are the refresh rates (click to engraving).

High resolutions with a lot of Hertz

The Predator XB273U GX represents a rough brother of the predator XB273 G: the refresh rate rises from 165 to 240 Hertz at consistent WQHD resolution (2560 × 1440 pixels). Unlike previously presented WQHD monitors with 240 Hertz built ACER in the predator XB273U GX an IPS and no TN panel. Over Displayport 1.4 Using Adaptive Sync works both AMDs Freesync and NVIDIAS G-Sync Compatible for a dynamic image display. The Adobe RGB color space covers the display to 99 percent, the maximum brightness is 400 CD / m² (Display HDR 400).

With the Predator XC323QK NV, ACER brings 3840 × 2160 pixels and up to 144 Hertz to a diagonal of 31.5 inches – so far, there are Ultra HD and 144 Hertz only with 27 inches, such as the predator XB273K GP (from 799 €), or More than 40 inches. The Predator XC323QK NV masters Freesync and G-Sync Compatible Uber Displayport 1.4, uses an IPS panel with 10-bit display (presumably 8 bit + frame rate control) and covers the DCI-P3 color space 90 percent. The 31.5-ZOLLER requires 400 cd / m² the specifications for Vesas DisplayHDR 400.

The two predator monitors XB273U GX and XC323QK NV are to enter the trade in the coming days – concrete prices did not named Acer in the press release. The Predator X25 follows in the fourth quarter for 1140 euros.

Gaming monitors from Acer

Fast gaming monitors: displays with up to 360 hertz

Predator X25

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