Satellite internet: onweb saved by partial nationalization

Satellite internet: onweb saved by partial nationalization

Onweb is back. The British company might bring with a fleet of earth-oriented satellites available broadband internet access also in remote regions. But in Marz, the company slipped into the bankruptcy. It was rescued by a capital injection of a billion US dollar by the United Konigreich and the Indian Bharti Group. Now satellite production and starts restart.

So far onweb has 74 satellites in orbit. Already on the 17th. December should be another 36 with a Soyuz-2.1b rocket start. It should be the first commercial missile launch of the Russian Cosmodrom Wostotchny.

"We have recognized that ONEWEB has valuable worldwide (frequency rights)", said Bharti-Grunder Sunil Bharti Mittal, "And we benefit from $ 3.3 billion already invested as well as satellites already in orbit and thus secure our frequency usage rights." Through the rescue from the bankruptcy oneWEB was able to reactivate a joint venture with Airbus. The production of new satellites has already been resumed to the Understanding.

Initially for the Arctic

ONEWEB originally wanted to start 900 satellites, then only 650 was the speech. Only when there were a lot of satellites in the orbit to their correct position in the network manovrated, the operation can start. According to current planning, it should already be the end of the next year. Then Oneweb might in the UK as well as the Arctic first gain.

Oneweb could be ahead of the competitor StarLink, because StarLink first concentrated on sidelous characters. The currently running beta-test StarLinks is designed only for customers up to 52 degrees north. The Canadian satellite operator Telesat lags with his internet project anyway far behind. Although Telesat has already delivered with the Canadian Government, but until today neither to today with a satellite manufacturer nor a rocket operator announced.

The British government is intended to plan to use the OneWeb satellites for satellite navigation. By exiting the European Union, the consolation loses full access to the EU satellite navigation system Galileo. However, my experts that the British government sets on OneWeb to the wrong satellites because they are in high circles as GPS, Galileo, Glonass and BeiDou.

Second missile start from Kosmodrom Wostotchny

Satellite internet: onweb saved by partial nationalization
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