Apple watch hohenerfang delivers faulty values

Apple watch hohenerfang delivers faulty values

Users of the current Apple-Watch models complain about problems at the high beginning. Both Series 6 and SE, both appeared last autumn, have an integrated real-time high knife.

Since autumn and again false values

The altimeter works barometrically, thus detects the high over the air prere. In the official Apple Forum in German, there is currently a two-pages long thread that works with the topic. "My high ad is static wrong or will only be scatzed by the watch", Among other things, it is called. Even iPhone Has reported on this week from the problem. The problem is complained at least since November.

Apple wants to be exactly 30 centimeters

Apple also uses GPS data and WLAN networks in addition to the altimeter, according to own information, "Smallest changes in the high over the sea level" to detect – with an accuracy up to 30 centimeters. Users speak of misrepresentations that are significantly about it – partly by 50 meters and even 300 meters wake up.

The guilt is: the weather

A possible reason for the wrong catch of the high could be simply in the weather. Thus, in December, there was a rough gravure printer area over Germany, which also caused low levels of air prere. Normally, an altimeter over a regular recalibration can be moved to induce correct values. But exactly this seems at the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE currently not or only sporadically happen. A manual adjustment of the zero point is currently not provided in Watchos.

Incorrect values in the Hohenmeng were also found in the Groben Mac I test by Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, here there were also differences between both models in equal comparison. According to Apple, the clocks calibrate the high knife automatically when they are connected to an iPhone. But that happens irregularly and not forcibly in the same place or at the same time. Therefore, the values may differ if an Apple Watch was not connected to an iPhone for a long time.

Calibration must be

"If the prere drops, the error comes back. The Apple did not have something on the screen, just surprises me", Write a user. Another means the error lying on non-offering the air prere on normal zero. "If the suprovable in the calculation, this leads to the fact that the clock thinks, I am highly hiked. Why you do not correct something simple!"

Whether Apple is informed about the problem remains unclear; However, the Group tends to retain later threads in his own support forum on the screen. A solution goods, the calibration regularly carried out.

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