Black friday 2020 at iphone, ipad, mac co: exciting deals for apple users

Black friday 2020 at iphone, ipad, mac co: exciting deals for apple users

The Black Friday brings sales actions around Apple hardware from iPhones over iPads and Macs to Apple Watch, Airpods and other accessories. Many of the offers are little attractive in case of accurate look, so some handlers tries to suggest the ware of goods. Especially with Macs should be exactly prompted before a purchase, which year is actually offered. To facilitate the search, we have compiled interesting offers.

For Apple itself, there is no price reductions as usual, but the manufacturer creates gift cards worth 25 to 150 euros when purchasing certain products. With the maps, the Apple ID balance can be used and shopping into App Store and iTunes Store in App Store and iTunes Store. Also subscriptions for Apple and many third-party services can be paid by it.

Black Friday for iPhones

The new iPhone 12 takes Apple from his action. A gift card of 50 euros is available when buying an iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR (2018) or iPhone 11. Media Markt and Saturn offer the iPhone SE 2020 currently for just under 400 euros.

On eBay there is a discount of 50 euros on electronics products from 550 euros on electronic products, so for example, the iPhone 11 with coarse providers like Media Markt buy on the platform for 550 euros instead of 600 euros. The iPhone 12 Mini is to be found, for example, for just under 700 euros, but should one examine whether it will be offered by a trustworthy handler.

Offers for MacBooks Co

A gift card of 150 euros attaches Apple when buying a 16" MacBook Pro with the same as the 21.5"-iMac, both come with Intel processors. Even with other handlers are among far more offers for alter Intel Macs, here you can not depend on "Year of construction 2020" Exchange – before the current versions with M1-chip, Apple still brought a MacBook Air and 13.3" MacBook Pro with Intel processors on the market. With regard to the performance jump at the new M1 MACs (see also MacBook Pro with Apple’s M1 processor in the test: Apple Silicon slings Intel), the alter models are only engraved.

Apple has the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Apple’s M1 chip under the voucher campaign, here is a 50 Euro card. However, the offer has a significant hook: Only on-site in Apple’s shops – so not online – and only with the availability of the currently introduced models, as the manufacturer in fine prints noted.

The Apple handler Compustore gives 150 Euro discount on Macs, so that the basic model of the new MacBook Air with M1 chip can be obtained, for example for 950 euros. The Mac Mini is exempt from the action.

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