Electric cars: volkswagen sells more e cars for the first time as tesla

Electric cars: volkswagen sells more e cars for the first time as tesla

There has been some shifts last year in the worldwide market for electric cars. The proportion of cars with purely battery electric drive, with fuel cells and plug-in hybrids at the world’s overall market rose from 2.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2019 to 5.8 percent a year later, the management consultancy Alixpartners has calculated. The sum of the electrical reach of all E-Cars sold has doubled to 386 million km.

Electric cars: Hitparade of total ranges after models in Q4 / 2020 in Europe

Electric cars: volkswagen sells more e cars for the first time as tesla

Rank 8: The Peugeot E-208 comes to a share of the total range of 2.7 percent.

Volkswagen was in the last quarter 2020 with 192.000 Overhaul to Tesla in the number of electric vehicles sold. Based on the worldwide electrical reach, Tesla remained in the fourth quarter of the previous year with about 100 million km of leader. Volkswagen comes to 45 million km, due to the higher proportion of plug-in hybrids in Europe. This weights the management consultancy in the cumulative range lower.

In Europe, 2020 1.4 million electric cars were admitted, which are 0.1 million more than in China, which had been on the sale of e-cars for years, as Alixpartner announced.

China remain the land with the well-plated electric range, including 183 million km, followed by the US with 48 million km. The rendered increase of Konne the German market for itself: In the past twelve months, the range in this country to 38 million km more than afraid.

20 percent in Germany

As a reason, AlixPartners sees massive state demands, the increasing acceptance of e-cars in the population and resulting a higher electrification of the vehicle fleet of European manufacturers. A central driver for structural change to the EU-wide limitation of the CO2 outsk. The impending penalties made manufacturers and suppliers for fleet conversion.

Norway stays the country with the large proportion of e-cars sold worldwide, it was 68 percent at the end of 2020. In addition to Scandinavian states, the first six countries in Europe are also the Netherlands with 41 and Germany with 20 percent.

Alixpartners evaluates publicly accessible data, especially of IHS Markit and EV volumes, the global sales figures of "Light Vehicles" and play electric vehicles. The electric ranges of the vehicles are based on data from EV volumes as well as published information of the automobile manufacturers.

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