Finnix 122: slim and fast admin linux

Finnix 122: slim and fast admin linux

The Linux Distribution Finnix, named after its inventor Ryan Finnie, has appeared in version 122. Above all, the update includes error corrections, but also has a few new features on board.

More speed

As before, Finnix addresses administrators who require a slim but still functional mini system for maintenance of other Linux systems. This is the distribution in direct competition to similar products such as Grml. Like this FINNIX on Debian Gnu / Linux, unlike the live images of the gross model, but with significantly slimmer package selection is therefore. On top of that, Finnix charges almost its entire content in the RAM when booting, which brings gross benefits to the topic of speed. Other distributions use this option only if the admin specifies it explicitly.

The Performance Screw has been obviously in great importance for the Finnix creators in the new version 122. If Finnix was still optimized for the booting of CDs, even USB sticks can also be used. The FINNIX images for these are not only better in version 122 more easily with ages, but the system starts from the USB stick even flotter than its transactions. In the packet selection, Finnix 122 is once more than economical: some hardly used package is no longer a long part of Finnix, which significantly reduces the size of the ISO images of the distribution.

Iozone3 instead of Fio

Since it is quite amazing that there were also a few additional packages in the new Finnix version. "Iozone3" For example, Admins allowed to measure the speed of Storage-advised ad hoc from Finnix. Although some users have the standard tool instead "fio" Wurveled; Because this but over 40 megabytes gets additional disciplines in the boat, Ryan Finnie opted for the lesser-known alternative.

In addition, Ryan Finnie in Finnix 122 improves the user experience in equal types. "Finnix" is now available as a utility, which betrayed the most inexperienced Finnix Admin the most important commands. A script called "Wifi-Connect" Facilitates from Finnix WLAN connections – a feature that is probably aimed at debugging clients on that of servers. Both on servers and clients ADMINS will benefit from a fully reused Splash Screens.

Facelift for the substructure

In addition, Finnix is based on an updated Debian substructure. Debian GNU / Linux Testing from 06. February 2021, that as "Bullseye" soon an official debian release is allowed. The system fever on the Long Term Kernel 5.10. It is involved in the AMD64 architecture for the AMD64 architecture. The ISO file from Finnix 1.22 is available for download on the website of the project.

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