Gmail for ios so old that google warns from our own app

Gmail for ios so old that google warns from our own app

Google’s apparent defensive residence against Apple’s new privacy policy for apps has been ensuring that iPhone and iPad users can only use obsolete programs of the Group. Now the search giant already warns my own applications because this is ancient.

Use at your own risk

As a US IT journalist – as well as numerous users – noticed on Wednesday, the popular Gmail application showed a dialogue in the meantime, which strikes that the use of the program only at its own risk. After Google noticed the embarrassment, the warning became a server-side.

The dialogue that appeared under the registration with the e-mail provider was simply that "This app outdated" may be. "You should update the app. The version you use are missing the latest security features to protect them. Continue only if you understand the risks." The problem: There are no updates of Gmail for iOS and iPados, just as well as numerous other Google applications.

Apple’s privacy tablet

Many of the Google apps were last on the 7. December updated, Gmail even on the 1. December (version 6.0.201115). The 7. December was again exactly one day before the official start of Apple’s freshly enforced duty to publish so-called data protection labels. The idea is more transparency.

Apps are intended to provide users in the App Store preliminary information about what data is collected so that these may optionally have to refrain from download if they require a rough MAB tracking. However, Apple makes his developers quite easily here – they are quasi-even, only if there are complaints about incorrect markings, the Group uses one.

Management wants to deliver – only when?

Nevertheless, Google’s management (or his legal department) seems to have a new regulation. The internet giant had been announced at the beginning of January, you will import the data protection labels. Excessed, Google Verzoger updates willingly, Google contradicted then. But since then nothing happened exactly what is quite doubt about this statement.

Google otherwise to the most powerful companies, which supports updates for iPhone and iPad apps. Popular programs such as the official search app, the email application Gmail, the Browser Chrome and numerous other applications are brought up to date. The warning dialog does not come from about approximately – in fact it is possible that the apps contain partly problematic security swallowing that were not resolved. Information was not made by Google. Apple flees with iOS 14 meantime.5, which will come to a new tracking opt-in. By which the search giant wants to wait first? Users are annoyed at any rate.

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