Infrastructure as code: hashicorp terraform 0.13 open for new cloud providers

Infrastructure as code: hashicorp terraform 0.13 open for new cloud providers

Hashicorp, a provider of Infrastructure AS Code Services (IAC) and Open Source Infrastructure in the Cloud has Version 0.13 for terraform. The open source tool for IAC should be seamlessly integrated with the update New Cloud Provider. In addition, the registry can now evidently comprise any available providers.

The new modules count, for_each and depends_on

Hasicorp had already reported on his home exhibition Hashiconf at the end of June on the beta version of Terraform. Finalized are now the new functions count, for_each and depends_on, with which modules and resources appear to clearly clone and pay the instances (Count). In addition, a digit for regions, resources and groups possible (for_each).

In addition, version 0.13 a new block for needed providers. The required provider syntax includes the Terraform Provider Source Syntax, which is to support a source address, including support for hostnames of multiple registries and namespaced providers. In addition, the development team behind Terraform has also worked on the Hashicorp Terraform Provider Registry. Terraform init should automatically load and install partner and community providers in the registry. The workflow is obviously adhered to the workflow as with the official providers supported by Hashicorp. Users of the Hashicrop Providers GCP, AWS and Azure remain the respective configurations. Cleaner information about version 0.13 can be found in the Release Notes.

A new business package for the Terraform Cloud

In addition to the publication of the update, Hashicorp has called a new business package for the Terraform Cloud. The functions contained therein are intended to expand the automatisation options to enter enterprise features for the deployment in the Cloud. To do this, Single Sign-on (SSO), integration in Okta, an integrated audit logging in Splunk. The package also offers a private network with fixed IP addresses and self-hosted agents that can use companies to interact with other administrative levels over physical environments and private networks.

In addition, the Enterprise package brings new functions for parallel processes. Companies should scales several jobs on terraform simultaneously to increase the demand of end users in providing, updating and detecting the infrastructure. In addition, the Package Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Support Options, which are apparently adaptable to the requirements of the companies. Clear information about the acquisition of the new business package can be found in the envisology contribution on the Hashicorp blog.

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