Mars helicopter ingenuity: eighth flight and important updates for flight software

Mars helicopter ingenuity: eighth flight and important updates for flight software

The NASA helicopter Ingenuity has not only successfully completed his eighth flight last week, who would probably have fixed a software ie and already work on the "single remaining" Patch. This informed the US space agency and at the same time announced the ninth flight of the small companion of Perseverance. Ingenuity is a bit ahead of the Rover, with her way on the Mars, the two have started after the quiet first weeks now. In 124 Marstagen, Perseverance now resumed 850 meters, Ingenuity is even on 980 flown meters.

Two important updates

The error in the sequence of the control commands, which prevented a smooth change in the flight mode, plagues Ingenuity since the beginning of the flight tests. Among other things, it had ignored the historic first flight, whereupon a first software update had been sent to the passenger. At that time, however, it was already known that Ingenuity was still not withdrawing at about 15 percent of all startup trials. In fact, the fourth and seventh starting did not work in the first start. But now you are sure that problem has been completely resolved and permanently resolved, the NASA. The successful eighth flight on 21. June on a distance of 160 meters you can see there as a confirmation.

Now the team work the "The only remaining update of the flight software", How it is called. That had become necessary after the excerpt shaky sixth flight. As the cause of Dafur, later, a mistake in conjunction with the recording of color photos has been identified, the NASA now explains. It is amed that the high CPU load occurring, in rare falls could lead to the fact that images of the navigation camera are lost, causing the navigation software auber enters. Ingenuity did not make any color photos on the two following flights, but after the upcoming update, this should be possible again. This should now be uploaded in the next few days before Ingenuity should then lift off for the ninth time.

The small helicopter was brought to Mars from NASA-Rover Perseverance and should actually only be proven that motorized flight access can withdraw there. He supplied this demonstration with the historical first motorized flight on Mars and after several other flights, NASA decided not to give up Ingenuity – how originally planned -. Ingenuity now accompanies the Rover whose mission is the focus again. Together they are now on the long way to a mutably dried riverbed, in which perseverance should look for any traces of former life. Ingenuity is supposed to support him on the way and explore the landscape from the high.

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