News from github: cherry picking and advanced security features

News from github: cherry picking and advanced security features

GitHub has several news to sell: GitHub Desktop 2.7 Music Cherry Picking, a feature that seems to be long on the community wish list. In addition, the Code Hoster leads a new overview of security features (beta) and provides Secret Scanning for private repositories.

GitHub Desktop 2.7: Move commits by drag-and-drop

With the function Cherry picking, commits can be copied with a draw movement with the mouse from a branch (branch) to another. Also, moving multiple commits is possible with a mouse click on printed Shift key. Users then receive a success message.

If one has marked too much in a group of Commits, GitHub Desktop shows a UNDO control surface in the success message that makes it possible to make the process. A click on Zuruck removes the commits and leads users back to the branch, from which they have come. In addition, GitHub Dekstop 2 offers.7 Support for the case that it comes to conflict with cherry picking. For their resolution, users such as Mingling and Rebasing are a dialogue window for conflict resolution. Who this new feature does not respond, without drag-and-drop via right-clicking on a commit or a commit group the cherry pick option, which leads to an industry dialog box. There then can be determined the goal of the shift.

Safety at a glance

Advanced Security provides developers a collection of tools to find and resolve security risks in applications. But also teams and organizations should be kept the view. GitHub leads a security tab as one of two new features – still with beta status. Customers of Github Advanced Security and Administrators can now see the application security risks recognized by code scanning, dependabot and secreting scanning. The security inspection shows in addition to well-known security risks where the lack of configuration of security functions can occur risks. A new risk category per repository, based on the number and severity of active warnings, should show administrators where they should start editing.

News from github: cherry picking and advanced security features

GitHub Advanced Security introduces new overview for security functions.

GitHub conforms to the general availability of the Secret Scanning function also for private repositories. Secret Scanning is said to trace credentials like password in the code before entering production. Clear information can be found in the article on the Github blog.

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