Report: storage manufacturer adata attacked in may by ransomware

Report: storage manufacturer adata attacked in may by ransomware

One of the world’s largest storage manufacturers has become aim of a ransomware attack. The Taiwanese company Adata explained on request that the attack on the 23. May 2021 took place. The Hacker Group Ragnar Locker has taken responsibility for the attack and threatens to unopdrumed sensitive data should not be paid.

Adata is attending memory modules and SSDs to the FUF tracted manufacturers in the world, but also offers mobile devices, gaming products and industrial solutions. The company itself did not call a detail of the ransomware attack, but it explained on request from our site that the business operation after switching off and restoring the affected systems now normally run normally.

Hacker group wants to have caught 1.5 TByte

While Adata did not betray who is behind the attack, whether data has been caught or lost getting required, the hacker group Ragnar Locker has the attack according to a report by Bleeping computer praise. Accordingly, the group has caught 1.5 TB of sensitive data from Adatas networks before the ransomware has been installed.

So far, Ragnar Locker has just shown some screen trunks in the Darknet as proof of the attack. The hacker group threatens to uniform the remainder of the data of the memory manufacturer should not pay the Losegeld. The data should be based on business information, confidential files, schemas and financial numbers, source codes, legal documents and employee data.

Safety abuses and security experts advise on the basis of paying cyber-erpressors Losegeld for data. Adata himself explained only to have informed the state-of-state resistances on the ransomware attack. Ragnar Locker throws Adata, his and data of business partners not sufficiently protected and pay for it. The memory manufacturer has now promised to better protect its systems in the future, but a loose payment is obviously not.

Ragnar Locker at Game-Publisher Energy supplier

Members of the Criminal Organization Ragnar Locker last 2020 Servers of the Japanese Game Corporation Capcom with the Ransomware of the same name and then requested Losegeld. From this ransomware attack on CAPCOM were data from up to 350.000 users affected, but the gaming publisher did not pay the loose ground.

According to data from Bleeping computer Ragnar demands lovers with their ransomware attacks between 200.000 and 600.000 US Dollar Losegeld. At the attack on Energia’s Portugal, However, one of Europe’s large energy suppliers, 1580 Bitcoins were required in April 2020, which at that time runs out to around 11 million US dollars.

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