Stuttgart krawall night: police collects evidence and photos

Stuttgart krawall night: police collects evidence and photos

The police have set up after the riots last weekend on the internet a lightporthy. Who’s photos or videos from the events in the night on the 21. June possessions, this can upload there so that they can be used as a possible evidence. It is determined, among other things, because of the suspicion of heavy landfill.

Thus, the now used 40-headed "Investigation group Eckensee" I would have to spare the work to fish mass-widespread pictures from the night itself from social media. Already at the very early Sunday, the Hashtag #stuttgart had reached the top of the German-speaking trendcharts on Twitter. The tweets on the topic were shared videos of riots. Against this background, Oberburgermeister Fritz Kuhn (Grune) also mentioned the scope of assessment in social media as the reason for the riots.

For the riots, according to the police on the Lowthsportal, was a commitment due to a nozzle dilict. A 17-year German German was controlled. During the preeminified arrest against 23.30 o’clock in the area of the upper castle garden, many of the circumstantian persons had been solidarized, which attacked police officers and pursued with stones and bottles.

Randale to the early morning

Several hundred people on the Schlossplatz are to be connected to the connected and continued with stones and bottles according to the policemen as well as at the meanwhile rescue faith. The rioters are ignored in various small groups to about 4.Drawed on Sunday through the city center.

The police arrested 24 courageous rioters, 19 police officers were injured. 30 farms and facilities such as mobile fancy shops, clothing goods and jewels were sometimes damaged by subsequent tens and window washers. In eight fellows, the rioters have penetrated and had been pruddled.

"Violence is a variety of and drunk"

According to the Baden-Wurttemberg Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU), the rioters come from the Stuttgart "Party and events scene", They certainly have been drugs and alcohol in the game. "Violence is a variety of and drunk", Commented Thomas Berger, Viceprasident of the Policeprasidium Stuttgart the events.

In Baden-Wurttemberg there was a nightly alcohol sale ban from 2010 to 2017. From 10 pm, no alcohol was allowed to be sold on kiosks and gas stations as well as in supermarkets. The black-yellow state government had introduced the ban at that time, under the Grun black state government it was repealed again. Evaluations have shown that there has been about 11 percent less slight body injuries and about 8 percent less severe corporation injuries during the period.

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