Ubisofts sexism culture: strip club meetings, badges and cannabis cake

Ubisofts sexism culture: strip club meetings, badges and cannabis cake

According to public discussions about sexual burstings in the game industry, the French Publisher suspended several managers. A current report by Bloomberg now illuminates the work culture described as Toxically described at the French Game Publisher.

This was represented by sexism and racism, writes industry journalist Jason Schreier in his Bloomberg report, for which he talked to via 35 current and former employees of Ubisoft. Accordingly, several top managers, especially a Fruher Top Manager, alleged. Complaints in the HR department were largely ignored.

Business Meetings in Strip Clubs

The now dismissed Ubisoft top manager has contributed to this negative culture: Company meetings he has often held in Stripclubs, reports Bloomberg. The top managers famous for his inappropriate comments have given employees to cake, which contained marijuana without their knowledge. To herself, he was aware of other guidance – almost exclusively manner – who put a similar attitude to the day.

Thereafter, two meanwhile suspended executives. Both will accuse sexually misconduct, including unwise massages and inappropriate comments. According to the Bloomberg report, racism was also a problem with ubisoft – for example, employees had the black "Starwars"-Actor John Boyega cites as a monkey.

The premieges of Ubisoft managers were borne to the public at the end of June as part of the Metoo movement on social media. Company chief Yves Guillemot, who is supposed to stand next to the earlier top manager, responded to the premieges and vacated several managers. In a blog entry Ubisoft wrote, they have initiated investigations against the accused employees. External consultants should help in the investigations and improve working culture.

Working culture "unacceptable"

In a later public statement Guillemot described the working culture at Ubisoft as "unacceptable" and thanked the employees who reported the behavior of their supervisors. "Nobody should escape at work or be treated disrespectfully, and inappropriate behavior, which we were briefly informed, and will not be tolerated."

According to Bloomberg, the sexism culture with Ubisoft has also affected the video games of the French company: in "Assassin’s Creed: Origins" For example, players should slip originally in the role of a female main character. However, the role of this figure has been greatly reduced after Hascoet has put its Veto. In the coming "Assassin’s Creed. Valhalla" You can choose player between a man and a female main character.

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