Apple launches podcast abody service

Apple launches podcast abody service

Apple will also offer payment content in the audio area. The salary of the Group on his "Spring Loaded"-Keynote on Tuesday. To do this, the new podcasts app is obtained with iOS 14.5, iPados 14.5 and MacOS 11.3 should be delivered, new functions – but it is also conceivable that early versions of the application are the new subscription feature called "Apple podcasts subscriptions" obtain.

Podcaster must pay

The service should provide it according to Apple "Creators" In the above 170 countries and regions from May Music to offer paid podcasts. To do this, you must be on the new "Apple Podcasters Program" Participate, which costs 20 US dollars a year. Then you can determine prizes for your offers, which will be retracted monthly or decline – Uber Apple’s full Apple ID payment system. By family release, a subscription can be distributed to up to six family members. Podcasters are available to measure the success of their content.

The prices start at 49 US-cent per month. According to American media reports, Apple will secure a commission as a commercial. This starts at 30 percent in the first year of the subscription of a user, from the second, the Group approves 15 percent. This model will be offered developers so far already with in-app subscriptions. However, it is not planned that podcast producers must deposit this exclusively at Apple. Apple stresses, however, that Creators are distributed between the offer at the Group and external podcasts "differentiate" should – for example, where Apple shipments are offered with additional content without advertising or with a more early publication date.

New business models

Apple’s entry into the podcast subscription store is a gross step for the group. He himself emphasized on Tuesday that this is the so far large innovation in the podcast area for the company. Apple has been in the industry since 2005, first with a function in iTunes, Father with its own app on all the Group’s important platforms. In the industry, Apple is still dominating the podcast player market, but competitor spotify has caught up.

Apple wants to expand the podcasts app with so-called channels. These are curated offers from matching podcasts. Here it should also "Freemium"-Give variants that provide additional content against payment. Furthermore, there is an improved search function, new topcharts, one "Smart play"-Function that is to automatically follow the next episode and a download feature for storing episodes in the app. In Germany, among other things, the mirrors, to be with an abode service at the new podcasts app.

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