Blockade of biden report: us senate wants to upload twitter and facebook boss

Blockade of biden report: us senate wants to upload twitter and facebook boss

With the votes of the Republicans, the US Senate judicial committee decided to send Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey a summons. The bosses of Facebook and Twitter will therefore be asked to deal with their platforms with controversial newspaper articles to Joe Biden, the democratic challenger of the Republican US President Donald Trump. Trump’s party friends have been criticizing the actions of the main social networks with the article and speaking of election settings for days with dramatic words.

Mabs against newspaper articles

The New York Post had taken past week with Reiberian words about an alleged scandal around Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and his business relationships in Ukraine for a stir. According to the newspaper, the report based information from a notebook Hunter Biden found in a repair shop. During Facebook, the dissemination of links to the article had slowed down referring to an upgraded examination, Twitter had even stopped her. The network relied on rules against the dissemination of information that through "Hacking" were procured. In addition, e-mail addresses were not veiled. The Republicans want to question the chiefs of Facebook and Twitter in the Senate for these measures now and have frosted the way for a summons.

While many Republicans hoped for the newspaper’s election campaign for Donald Trump, there was more and more criticism of New York Post. Screenshots of the alleged e-mails aroused doubts about their authenticity and Joe Biden Novely explain that it did not give a coloted – and criticized – meeting. The New York Times reported that there were significant doubts about the article even at the New York Post. An author did not let his name be set about it, instead, an editor has been listed there, among other things, who had only learned about publication. Many observers also point out that the matter reminiscent of those alleged scandal for emails from Hillary Clinton, who had played a central role in the election campaign 2016.

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