C’t archive 2020 with new software

C't archive 2020 with new software't archive 2020 with new software

Among other things, the C’t annual subscription plus contains the possibility of downloading article archives with entire vendors and installing locally. Our software for displaying and browsing the local archive had come to the years. The associated navigator software ran only under Windows, for Macos and Linux there were only search tools.

For the year 2020, we have developed a new archive program from the Berlin company Endava. It uses the Electron Framework and is thus an easy-to-use chromium browser with full-text search and bookmark management for article. He runs on Windows, Macos and Linux. As a bonus, the new archive also contains the year 2020 the C’t ies from 2019. The data is available in HTML format. Also new: Videos about the articles are linked in the archive and can be charged online.

the .ISO file with the archive is 8.3 gigabytes roughly. To download you, you must log on to our site with the account to your Plus subscription and switch to the C’t archive. Please make a choiche “Year 2020” and then “Show all books”. When you are logged in, the download link FURS Annual Archive appears on the litup view. Tie the downloaded .ISO file with a double-click as a drive and open this.

In the root directory you will find the .EXE file for Windows, DiskImage for MacOS and the FlatPAK archive for Linux, with which the archive browser is installed on the system. The HTML data of the articles can be found in the directory “contents”. Under “bonus” In addition, the books of the 2019 and 2020 staples are still as PDF files. The Content Directory (6.8 GB) should be copied to the hard disk and the path (inclusive) “contents”) Enter the above-right in the upper right corner of the archive browser. You can then copy coming C’T year archives to expand the archive.

C't archive 2020 with new software't archive 2020 with new software

The new software for the C”t archive can be used as easy as a web browser.

And already it can start: The home screen shows the title pages of the booklet, double-click on the table of contents. At the top in the middle you can enter search terms. The result of the search can be narrowed by date or output, limit to keywords or per "Fuzzy" Make blurred so that you react to Tolerant on typo. If you have an article open, you can save it by clicking on the icon to the right of the search line as bookmarks. A current and detailed instructions can be found on the FAQ page, which you can relate to updates for the software.

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