Chinese video app kuaishou gives power to borsengang

Chinese video app kuaishou gives power to borsengang

The Borsengang of the Chinese Video App Kuaishou has in Hong Kong a rush to the shares of the company. Until lunch on Friday, the papers of the Borsenneuke climbed from 115 to 307 Hong Kong dollars, a plus of more than 167 percent. The market value of the company was thus about 110 billion euros. Immediately after the commercial start, the course had almost tripled.

Coarse competitor of Tktok

In the subscription period before the first trading day, the Beijing company had taken converg with 4.5 billion euros in investors, which is based on calculations of the Financial Agency Bloomberg of the large tech-boron since the driving service agent over May 2019.

Kuaishou, which is expressly translated as much as "fast hand", is in China the coarse competitor of the Chinese video app Douyin, which operates in the West under the name Tiktok. About the app, which according to own information has more than 300 million active users, can create short videos or live streams themselves and are shared with other users.

However, the successful boresgang loose under observers in Hong Kong also skepticism. "The scramble for Kuaishou shares underlines the hunt for returns among investors in an ARA cheap money unleashed by the global central banks to evaluate the economic burglary caused by the Coronavirus", wrote the Hong Konger Zeitung South China Morning Post. As the sheet reported, investors in the subscription period had detained 1200 times more shares than that were available.

A number of obstacles

The coarse salesmen of Kuaishou are digital gifts that viewers can send the creators of live videos. An animated flower costs only a few cents. More expensive gifts can cost several hundred euros. Kuaishou and the videos providers share the revenue. In addition to advertising Kuaishou also sets its own online shop, where products can be purchased, the live streamer in your videos.

Although Kuaishou’s business has grew up quickly in recent years, the startup has to fight with a number of problems. So spared rules could become a burden for streaming services in China. Only days before the boron, the Chinese copyright organization Cavca also contacted the plan that Kuaishou accused numerous users had injured music copyright in their videos.

At the same time Kuaishou fights with market drivers Douyin and other providers fiercely for market shares, which recently brought high losses to the Group. The expansion abroad designed for the Chinese Meanwhile bumpy, also because the skepticism and security concerns of foreign governments are gaining opposite Chinese apps.

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