Container: rancher 2.5 offers simplified cluster management to the edge

Container: rancher 2.5 offers simplified cluster management to the edge

Rancher Labs has version 2.5 of his Kubernetes administration platform of the same name. The first rough update since the supersence by SUSE at the middle of the year promises more comfort when used in any cluster environments, advanced features for monitoring and logging – velvet new cluster dashboard. How to version 2.4 The Fleet Management with Gitops connection for the slim, on Edge-Computing Kubernetes distributions K3S is also integrated into the Rancher platform.

Flexibly install

Previous restrictions when installing Rancher will be omitted: AB version 2.4 Lets the software installed on each certified Kubernetes cluster, so developers and administrators can set up their container orchestration environment of individuals – on-premises, in the cloud or in Edge architectures. A new cluster dashboard should also give you more detailed insights into performance. In addition, to recognize and resolve any bottayers faster in addition, Rancher has completely handled the application monitoring completely and provides advanced logging functions.

While Rancher loves to use principally in all certified Kubernetes distributions, Amazon-EKS users (Elastic Kubernetes Service) benefit with the update apparently from some new additional functions. Amazon EKS clusters can therefore be imported, deployed and managed by a central user interface from a central operator surface. The Lifecycle management of the EKS clusters also will take important features such as Node Management, Rolling Upgrades, the Service Mesh Icelio and Opa Gatekeeper Integration (Open Policy Agent).

Integrated Fleet Management for the Edge

To manage numerous edge clusters, for example, in I (I) OT applications or distributed Dutch with the Kubernetes Distribution K3s, Rancher had called the fleet management software Fleet. In Rancher 2.5 is now an integral part and offers developers now a more convenient application deployment with Gitops connection. Applications, program packages and the Kubernetes configurations can be deposited in the Git repository and deploy from there on individual clusters or entire groups at the EDGE. Fleet scales Rancher, according to up to one million clusters.

Specifically, Rancher now also offers the Rke Government Edition of its platform for use in the host environment. This is a version of the Rancher Kubernetes Engine CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), which also satisfies the high safety requirements of the American Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).

A complete overview of all innovations in Rancher 2.5 summarizes the blog post together.

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