Corona documentary videos: at some point, people paint

Corona documentary videos: at some point, people paint

Empty straws and parks, snakes in front of supermarkets, lonely days, unexpected children: The Corona-Lockdown in the spring of the year was putting many people into an emergency state. An unusual film about the as unacusful time and its balancing has put together the Easter-Rich Art Project #Cight Experiment.

Comic and tragic close to each other

From more than 1500 submitted mobile phone videos, the artists cut the "Corona_Rolle". Around 500 people offered private recordings from Marz to June – from Bizarre to Banal and a historical time document, such as the director and artistic director Elisabeth Scharlang named it.

"Somehow you realize the weird and the tragic, that’s so close to each other", said Scharlang the German Press Agency in Vienna. "I ame that people have made things in these Lockdown weeks who have never made them, quite sure before before, and the interesting thing is that they have held on video, why always."

The mood escalated

The film, strictly chronologically arranged after the date of the recordings, shows the lockdown in phases of absurditat. First of all, the observations of the strange new time, the supermersters, the strain. After a few weeks, so Sharang describes the mood then: "It is getting minted, people paint themselves, and then you realize the phase, like life and everyday life is Zah, the children are louder, the everyday life becomes unorganized."

Typical for the time is also the emergence of the project #Cight-page experiment – two more films obedient – themselves: The eight artists and artists found each other during Lockdown on a Facebook group, so Scharlang. After the premiere on Saturday evening, the "Corona_Rolle" be blasted on a week in the house in Vienna. Another-and-hour catcher runs in the cinema.

Real-time experiment film cutout

Image of people in crisis situations

"We believe that it is necessary to create a public space in which people have the opportunity to reflect this first time of the pandemic again and look what has been there", Said Scharang. "There had to be a corona role from any country actually a corona role. The Germans were sure to look very different, the Italian anyway, and that is a picture of how people deal with crisis situations."

The opening of the #ChipsXperiment is found on 22. August from 8 pm in the Vienna Museumsquartier Wien under the Frameout Open Air Cinema. the "Corona role" should as a 90-minute movie on the 25. August (19 and 22.30 o’clock) Open the season in the horticulture cinema.

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