Cyber attack on jbs: meat factories open again, soon again normal operation

Cyber attack on jbs: meat factories open again, soon again normal operation

A coarse part of the factories of the world-growing meat company JBS was back in operation on Wednesday after a cyber attack with Ransomware, on Thursday the rest should follow. This parted by the Brazilian Group and amed that one of them is that their own meat production already on Thursday almost again with capacitance. According to the Beef Central industry sheet, the operation in the Australian factories but partly only received only coming week.

While JBS, nevertheless, seems to return to normal operation comparatively quickly, this youngest cyber attack was still political consequences on critical infrastructure in the USA. There one "notorious" Group of Russia is responsible for how it expresses the news agency Reuters, she was allowed to stay between the two states theme.

Significantly less slaughter in the USA

JBS is active in Australia, Sud and North America and the world-growing producer of meat. At the beginning of the week, the Group had announced that he has become sacrifices of a cyber attack, whose whole extinab could not be foreseen. In Australia, JBS had to cancel all the steady slaughtering, operation in Sudamerica was not affected. After a holiday in the US and Canada, the factories for the processing of beef were affected on Tuesday on Tuesday. In factories for bottle and pork, at least several layers were canceled. The Group had ared not to shy any Muhen and that has apparently paid off. Nevertheless, it was still possible to take a while until everything is round.

In the US, according to Reuters, JBS represents about 20 percent of the capacity for cattle penetrations. On Tuesday, the factories used for that were probably almost completely quiet, because according to Beef Central only 94.000 cattle slaughtered, 27.000 less than a week before. On Wednesday, the number of slaughtering but according to Reuters was only about 13 percent below the previous week. The full capacity was allowed to be achieved soon. Overall, the cyber attack made it clear that the market for beef production in the USA in the existence of only four companies is very highly concentrated and thus very consistent for such interventions.

In the US, the cyber attack on JBS is already the fourth this year, who is responsible for those responsible in Russia, even if there is no more details. If you do not follow a possible reaction, explained a spokeswoman of the US prasident according to Reuters. One should continue in direct contact with the Kremlin and the topic could also be addressed at the upcoming meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

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