“Cyberwehr” started: 24-hour help lines for companies

From a pilot project is the first in Baden-Wurttemberg "Cyberwehr" Germany originated: a free hotline that can be reached around the clock for small and middle-class companies if they experience a cyber attack and need first aid.

For the possible reasons of contacting attacks, attacks on the infrastructure of companies is obvious, sailing strain or the sale of critical company data. According to Cyberwehr, the danger potential since the Corona crisis has increased again by about changed work environments as the HomeOffice again. Cybercriminals were professionally and organized, popular are remote access to the IT infrastructure, but also e-mails with malicious software. Only in short in Bavaria, it has even given evacuations because of small fees of blackmails with bomb threats. The affected entrepreneurs understood the police, who found nothing. Even for such trap, the Cyberwehr was intended.

Pilot phase in three bads

First, the point of contact was started for two years for Karlsruhe, Baden-Baden and Rastatt, after a successful test phase, it is now reachable nationwide. This is to create a systematic approach to the threats of the digital room. "The aim of the Cyberwehr is to find the entry gate, to shut down and subsequently to show action options", say project manager Dr. Dirk Achenbach from FZi Research Center Computer Science. Also included are the Cyberforum, the Diz Digital Innovation Center and the Secorvo Security Consulting GmbH. The Ministry of Home, Digital and Migration supports and also demonstrates the project until the end of 2021.

The forelections, with which companies turn to the Cyberwehr, accepts an employee, all information remains confidential, will not be passed on to third parties. Based on the first conversation, meaningful steps for further procedure are clarified as quickly as possible. If the suspicion of a crime is close, the Cyberwehr transferres the information to the investigative authorities – if it is available. In addition, employees can recommend IT security experts. Their work is then chargeable.

The partner network with IT experts has emerged in the two years of the pilot phase. Through this one have also gained important insights over the request profile of the hotline, according to Achenbach, with which our site also wanted an interview. The Cyberwehr also sees itself as a typing device for companies. On the Cyberwehr website, this further information is found on its own IT security. The hotline is available for companies in Baden-Wurttemberg at: 0800 – 292379347.

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