Delivery service amazon flex: fired by the algorithm

Delivery service amazon flex: fired by the algorithm

Who delivers for Amazon Flex packages, can be dismissed by an algorithm and contradiction costs money. This is apparent from a report by the US Magazine Bloomberg on working conditions at the delivery service.

Thus, the scorching of the assigned tasks is not controlled manually, but only by software; As soon as unforeseen obstacles occur, this can become a rough problem. So a driver had been dismissed, the packages could not be delivered pointed in a sealed apartment complex, a driver became a nail in the tire for a dangerous.

"You against the machine"

Amazon Flex was introduced in the USA 2015 and should yield the delivery vehicles from Amazon. Private drivers and drivers got assigned via an app delivery order, mainly to packages that could no longer be loaded in delivery vehicles. This should prevent that the order is no longer delivered on the same day. Also food deliveries are delivered via Flex Amazon sets intensively on the app and judgments of algorithms, also because CEO "Jeff Bezos believes that machines can make decisions faster and correct meetings, as people", Quoted Bloomberg Initiated. If you commit yourself to FLEX, you quickly notice that algorithms were monitored every movement, it still is called.

For the exemplary report, Bloomberg has interviewed 15 riders and drivers, several of them are convinced that they were wrongly released. As soon as there is a problem, there is no support, a driver is quoted. If you want to correct bad reviews through the app, do not even know if he communicate with people or a machine. The problem is that the Amazon customers did not know which obstacles can occur during delivery. Here only pay the rapid delivery. It is typical that approximately residential complexes for delivery time closed and a delivery in particular goods. If you want to challenge the following bad evaluation or at the worst, the outward throw from the program can require a temptation for 200 US dollars or take Kafkaeske e-mail cascades.

Former Manager of Amazon has therefore reported Bloomberg that at the Group knows that such a strong back grip on algorithms have happened to errors. But it is cheaper to commission as people with the review; In addition, there was always quick replacement for the dismissed find. An anonymous source was even said, "The people who knew it will be baked": "The only question was how much kacke you wanted to have there." An Amazon spokeswoman has contradicted the reports as "anecdotal" dismissed. The major majority of participants and participants was experienced the Flex program differently.

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