Dsgvo: eu mep tumbled better privacy enforcement

Dsgvo: eu mep tumbled better privacy enforcement

The Committee on Bourgever Lavards, Justice and Home Affairs of the EU Parliament calls for an effective enforcement of the Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO). Above all, the deputies drives that many supervisors in the EU do not have sufficient personnel, technical and financial resources to fulfill their duties and effectively expand their powers. The control instances should be able to process a growing number of resource-intensive and complex trap quickly and generally.

Ireland and Luxembourg in the sights

In a decisive design adopted on Tuesday with 41 to 2 votes at 24 abstentions, the body appeals mainly to the Irish and Luxembourg privacy habits to accelerate their current investigations in important cases. Above all, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) is considered chronic understaff and biased and is only slow in the coarse international procedures initiated by it. It is designed for internet corporations like Facebook, Google and Twitter, as they have their European headquarters in Ireland.

Among other things, the Luxembourg Prufters include proceedings against Amazon. First Bubgelden had actually been given 2020, but it came here to delays. In Germany, the Data Protection Officer of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Heinz Muller, over an inappropriate staffing system complains. He was therefore leaving the SPD at the end of 2019. The controller had applied for their own information on the 21 existing locations 13 more to forcend the new tasks linked to the DSGVO, but no approved.

Better cooperation ruled

The interior committee also makes it strong to coordinate and facilitate cooperation between national supervisors in the European Data Protection Committee (EDSA) stronger. The burden of enforcement cases to individual burgers back when the cooperation in the EDSA does not function adequately. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic made it clear that national privacy and EDSA had to provide clear instructions on how the DSGVO in public health policy is appropriate.

Since the application of the standards work for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and some other organizations such as schools and clubs are a particular challenge, the parliamentarians call for the parliamentarians "More support, information and training".

Overall, the domestic politicians hold the DSGVO but for a success. The Committee currently does not currently need to update the Regulation or generally attributed to. Among other things, the CDU deputy Axel Voss had previously found on a timely reform. The resolution must still pass the plenary of Parliament, where it is in the coming week on the agenda.

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