Ex-app store manager: apple rules as “weapon” against competition

Ex-app store manager: apple rules as 'weapon' against competition'waffe' gegen konkurrenz'waffe' gegen konkurrenz

A former Apple manager has burdened his early employer on an appeal of the US Reprused Antenna House via the business building of App Stores. Apple use the rules that apply to publications in the App Store, also as a means of competing competitors, said the former responsible for the app shares, Phil Shoemaker, according to a yelled published in the competition report of the competition committee.

The Committee examines the business gain of digital platforms and their effects on free competition. Besides Apple and the App Store were also platform operators such as Amazon, Facebook and Google in the visor of the deputies. In their report presented on Tuesday, they conclude that the divisions of the corporations should be better separated from each other.

"Completely" rules

Shoemaker carried out the 450 pages strong report that Apple is the app review rules that are subject to all developers – with some unregistered exceptions – as "Weapon against competitors" insertion. The Group also has "voluntary" or at least "discussion" App Store co-plants set up.

The final report calls as an example the game abode service "Apple Arcade", which had been admitted, although he clarified against the coincidence rules, because of which other gaming subscriptions are not allowed or only under strict conditions. Shoemaker called here in particular the gaming service STADIA, for the Apple allegedly written (UM) written. This decision is "entirely" been


Shoemaker continued to protocol that Apple’s management "advanced" We are looking for to remove apps from the App Store competing with Apple services. Apple "not honest", If it asserts to treat all developers right away. Apple "Completely and unprecedented people account for the gates of his customers". He faith, decisions in third-party apps had to "Exploring a blame" be, but "they are currently not".

Apple rejected the final report of the competition committee. The company contradicts the jerks drawn therein "vehement", Assigned the Group with. The App Store should be a secure and trustworthy place to download applications. He has "New Markets, New Services and New Products" first made possible. More and more companies criticize Apple’s approach, on the other hand, the boss of Proton Mail compared with Errreng’s methods of Mafia. Apple requires 30 percent commission for apps, in-app buying and subscriptions and offers no bypasses.

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