Federal competition computer science: the winners of the 38. Issue are fixed

Federal competition computer science: the winners of the 38. Issue are fixed

They had to survive two rounds to reach the final. Now it was time and the 23 finalists were stepping on a place as a winner of the federal competition computer science. The competition was oriented to the 38. Times, from the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nurnberg (Fau) – for the first time, however digital.

In total, 1462 Schuleren and Schuler had already started more than a year to convince as a young talent. They had to write programs for the ideal planting of flowerbeds and secure the energy supply of a robot. In the final round, they also had to spend talking with experts and within a given time two computer science problems in the team loose. One of the tasks affected the logic behind the "Swiss system" For carrying out of shaft tournaments, in the second task, they had to write protocols for the secure and locked exchange of news. "Knowledge and skills of the finalists have also shown this year that the federal competition computer science creates it again and again to discover top talents", says the chairman of the jury, prof. Dr. Christoph Weidenbach.

Awarded as a Bundessieger on this Friday: Niclas Dern (17 years old) from Freiburg, Nicholas Button (17 years old) from Koln, Alexander Rahlff (18 years old) from Neubiberg, Tim Rohde (18 years old) from Marburg, Simon Skade (17 years old) from Berlin and Yorick Zeschke (17 years old) from Berlin. The six young talents receive a prize money in the amount of 750 euros, and they are added to the Studienstiftung of the German people. Simon Skade has also been awarded the Ingo Wegener Prize because of its outstanding performance.

More price brags each get 500 euros are Lea Herrmann (17 years old) from Haan, Antony Kamp (19 years old) from Jena, Ole Petersen (19 years old) from Mainz and Lucas Schwewler (16 years old) from Sandhausen.

Talent search by competition

The Federal Competition Computer Science is held decently. Participate teenagers up to 21 years, which have not yet been studied and are not yet professional. The competition is required by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Trager are the company for computer science, the Fraunhofer-Verbund IUK technology and the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science.

There is also the computer science beaver and youth competition computer science, which is aimed at younger schoolers. The aim of the competitions is to awaken the interest in computer science and to find talents as well as to demand. From the pool to participants, the team for the international computer science Olympiad is occupied.

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