Free in the room

Free in the room

3D scanner can cost hundreds of tens of thousands of euros. The necessary sensors is now also in some smartphones and tablets. For Apple, the iPhones X, XS, XS Max and XR and the current iPad Pro have a so-called TruedEPTH camera system. The tiny system sits clearly visibly at the top of the screen and actually serves face recognition to unlock the candy or animation of emojis ("Animojis"To).

The start-up standard Cyborg has the technology now with its free "Capture"-App as a 3D scanner misinterpreted. This works because the system senses faces three-dimensionally so as not to be overlicked by a blobing photo. For this purpose, a point projector creates an invisible infrared pattern on the object, an infrared lamp illuminates it, and the infrared camera takes the signal.

Now start the app and stop an object in front of the camera, it will first be released automatically. This works fine, sometimes less well, depending on the complexity of the object. Then you print the blossom and turns the object slowly. However, the fingers like to join. So useful goods the purchase of a turntable.

To run around the object works in view of the fact that you use the camera on the screen page and keep the object in view at the same time, hard.

With my test, I need several attempts to scan a spectacle case properly. Once stored, you can turn the result free in the room. Peressage let yourself be shared with friends. However, these need gates that understand the so-called USDZ format – such as current iPhones, iPads or Macs with Mojave operating system. Users can place the scanned object also free in the room using augmented reality (AR) in the Capture app or on other iOS advances and then round. The AR representation is currently only in black and white, which narrows the spab.

Which is not possible, the export for colored 3D printing is also. The current version 1.2.2 exports only monochrome files. The Capture team promises however to unlock the function and offer further exports. It is necessary to register in the cloud service of the start-up, which is currently not the European Data Protection Basic Regulation.

In addition, the 3D objects tend to cause some punched. For a clean expression, therefore, could still be able to rework. But like that too: a gifted Gaul does not look into the mouth. Anyone who has at least one iPhone X should try Capture – if only to the SPAB – try. It clearly points to the future of 3D scanning. For Android gates that pour on similar hardware, the app should also come across. Which ones will be, Standard Cyborg has not yet revealed.

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