Google analyzes patient data of a us hospital chain

Google analyzes patient data of a us hospital chain

On the basis of anonymous patient data, Google would like to develop new algorithms for health care. The data group and the US hospital operator HCA Healthcare uncertain. The data is stored and evaluated in Google’s Cloud. The results are intended to assist medical decisions that improve operational efficiency and help the monitoring of patients.

The patient data is based on digital healthcare and recordings with the internet-related medical device. Google and HCA employees are designed to develop algorithms together to improve health care and workflow. This is based on the automation and monitoring of the inventory of important clinic materials and medicines. In addition, Google can use the data on its own development of tools for health care and then let HCA test.

In the Google Cloud, anonymized patient data should usually be stored. If HCA agrees, Google may seem apparently accessing personal data if it considers that necessary. In 2019, Google was criticized because an agreement with ascension had access to millions of patient data; The patients did not know about it.

Patient data legally protected

At that time, ascension has under the name "Project Nightingale" The patient data also loaded into a Cloud provided by Google. By working with the cloud computing customer, Google already wanted to develop the areas of artificial intelligence (KI) and machine learning in healthcare.

Although the US has no general data protection law, but two special laws: a regulates data protection for minor seventies (Coppa), the other data protection in the health sector (Hippa). It allows hospital, health insurers and other health care companies to share patient data with external contractors. These must then also take the legal regulations.

Criticism of stock tax purchase of the clinic operator

HCA operates according to own information in the United States 186 hospital companies and around 2000 other companies such as emergency clinics or medical practices in 20 states. Also in the UK is HCA tatig. The data stored in the Google Cloud come from 32 million patients. The agreement between Google and HCA is designed for several years. Whether and how much money flees the two corporations does not betray.

The union of the nurses in the US has severely criticized HCA in February after the clinic operator 2020 recorded a profit of $ 3.75 billion and then announced a stock price purchase program worth up to $ 6 billion. The nurses require the money to invest in improvements in patients’ safety and nurses as well as in demand programs in the area of public health.

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