Google workspace: linking the services including new design

Google workspace: linking the services including new design

Google WorkSpace bundled all communication and collaboration services of the company. The new brand should create a new user experience and thus facilitate work and increase productivity. After some other services have already been integrated in the summer in Gmail, this is the all-round shock. And probably also an attack on Microsoft with teams. First of all, only business customers get access, but this year, all users can access workspace.

In Workspace, documents can be opened and worked together, links can be displayed in a preview, in case of persons from a @ sign, Google suggests more procedures to contact the person or send it the document currently being processed. When processing a document in a room, ie with multiple persons, can all track changes in real time and at the same time see through a picture-in-picture mode via videoconference. Administrators get a new overview with reports on the activities of users and for the basic settings.

New design for new work

With the appearance of the new brand also goes hand in a new brand identity. Gmail, Drive, the calendar and MEET get four-color icons that are supposed to stand for a flexible and helpful user experience. Docs, sheets and slides retain their icons, but with lightweight changes to emphasize that they belong to the product family, Google writes in an envision.

"This is the end of the traditional Buros, as we know it", Javier Soltero, Vice President and General Manager of Google Workspace. The works at the summary have started in 2019, so before the corona crisis. Nevertheless, Soltero in a press language, but the current development has again taken care of for input in development.

Payment models according to requires

Workspace should be adapted to the respective companies and their needs in the payment models. At a "Business starter" Let’s start with $ 6 per user, "Business plus" is 18 US dollars, for coarse corporations must be negotiated individually. Existing G-Suite to run as usual, unless the customer decides to change to workspace.

Only in July Google G-Suite customers had chat, Rooms and Meet in Gmail. Also there it struck it that this will not be the last step and to benefit private customers also. Google WorkSpace should also hold in the education area as well as for nonprofit organizations on the corresponding program available.

More than 2.6 billion people use monthly Google’s products from the Consumer, Business and Education areas. Six million customers pay for Google WorkSpace as business customers, including Salesforce and Deloitte.

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