Hardware manager released intel to 7 nm debacle

Hardware manager released intel to 7 nm debacle

The hardware boss of Intel, Murthy Renduchintala, becomes the Group to the 3. August. This was divided Intel CEO Bob Swan on Monday in Santa Clara. Treaty managers from other areas should take the responsibility of Renduchintala and report directly to the CEO. The manager Ann Kellher, which has been responsible for the production, is intended to take over the guidance task at the chip development and bring fine chip generations faster to market maturity. Intel reacts to the postponement of the production of 7-nm chips for at least one year.

Technology Development of Mike Mayberry, who will leave the company from early limits at the end of the year. Mayberry is supposed to support Kellher, to accelerate the conversion from the 10 Nm process to first 7 nm and 5 nm, it is called in the message of Intel.

Staff carousel

Intel occupies further areas with new managers in the course of the reorganization of the guided structure. The production area previously led by Kellher "Manufacturing and Operations" Keyvan Esfarjani, who has hitherto directed Intel’s Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group and providing a rapid expansion of the capacities. He should support the change of production to 7-nm chips and expand production capacity.

The area "Design Engineering "is directed by Josh Walden to an interim mab "Permanent world-class manger" was found, writes Intel on. The managers of the other areas do not other. Swan said: "I’m looking forward to working directly with these talented and experienced technical managers, each of which is determined to promote Intel in this critical phase."

It is unclear what is from Murthy Renduchintala. Obviously his departure was not quite voluntary. The thanks to Swan to Renduchintala visibly fell short: "I also liked Murthy for his wiring role in supporting Intel at technology transformation."

7-Nm delay

Intel boss Bob Swan had snapped on Friday that the 7-NM production is about two months behind the internal targets because the chip yield is too low. The error in the manufacturing process is recognized, but not yet clear. Therefore, the production shifts from mid 2022 to at the end of 2022 or early 2023.

In the year of the year, it still bothered by Financial Chef George Davis, Intel Konnne recover the residue for chip-finished TSMC, which already produces chips in the 5-nm process, whose process is comparable to Intel’s 7-Nm method. Intel had already fallen into his 10-nm proceeding against TSMC. The envision of Intel, spat at the latest with the 5-nM process to raise the projection TSMCs, was allowed to smash.

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