Ibm i updated: java 11 comes, many new db2 functions

Ibm i updated: java 11 comes, many new db2 functions

In the course of the semi-privileges "Technology Refreshes" (TRS) for the current versions of the operating system IBM I (Fruher OS / 400) today IBM I 7 became.4 TR4 and IBM I 7.3 TR10. The focus of the innovations is on the expansion of the automatisms over various components of the operating system, including the database, software development, security and highly recoverability.

Java 11 for IBM I

Even before this envision, IBM had the support of Java 11 on IBM I 7.3 and high enabled; It is since the 29. Marz as off-release delivery for the product 5770JV1 Option 19 (Java 11 64-bit) relevant. So far, only the square long-term support version Java 8 was supported; Java 11 was only apparent as Early Access RPM for IBM I, which was not yet recommended for productive operation.

One of the most important innovations of the "Technology Refreshes" has many database-related improvements, including ten new IBM I Services (Fruher SQL Services) and extensions for seven already existing. IBM-i services are database functions that have previously replaced CL commands and APIs and become an integral part of the IBM strategy for further simplification of operating and administrative tasks on IBM I.

Focus on databases

For example, a new IBM I service acts as a "fuel display" for NVME drives, another gives data about active jobs. There are three new database-specific DB2-for-i services, including one that directs the output of SQL commands to an IFS Stream file. Also new is the query supervisor; With this tool, database administrators can not only monitor how the resources of the DB2 for I database are consumed by the SQL Query Engine (SQE). You can also control this, such as your own exit point programs. This is probably the bulky improvement in the current release, because the new query supervisor allows completely different ways to database management.

Also new are security automation features in the systools library, in particular with regard to mass representation of user profiles and to collect details from the audit journal. To the new features in the RPG compiler, the conversion of the contents of a Char variables of lowercase letters in coarse letters, the division of a string in an array and the backing of the index of the maximum or minimum element of an array.

Technical details can be found in the acquires of IBM I 7.4 TR4 and IBM I 7.3 TR10. Last but not least, IBM has handled the logo for IBM I – in the course of an IBM-wide revision of the brand logos used in marketing materials.

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