Interview: photographer lila harten and the home in the stranger

Strict access controls, photographing, yes even sign prohibition: The American barracks in Germany are a silked world. The photographer Lila Hchell was allowed to visit. In your exhibition "51st State – Life in a U.S. Army barracks in Bavaria", which is currently visible in the Americahaus in Munchen, she shows people who trying to drove a halfway normal American life despite a strangers from a foreign place to another. Thomas Hafen hit the young photographer for interview.

Thomas Hafen: "51st State" Hit the band New Model Army from the 1980s, who deals critically with the Hegemonial Request of the United States. The title of your exhibition refers to the song?

Purple Harthell: No, I do not know the song. I found "51st State" just fits, because the barracks are a closed system. In them is practically all American, from the bank on the shopping mall to the U.S. Postal service. Something like an American state in the stranger.

"51st State – Life in a U.S. Army barracks in Bavaria"

Interview: photographer lila harten and the home in the stranger

Jay, 20, South Carolina, Grafewohr, 2014: "I Joined The Army August 7, 2012. I ALWAYS WANTED TO – EVER SINCE I What a Kid I What Running Around in Army Uniform And A BB Gun. My Parents Always Knew I What Gonna Join. I Wanted to Serve My Country in The Best Way I Could. After Basic Training I Came to Germany and Deployed From Here To Afghanistan."

The United States shut a barracks after the other. Makes the end-time mood widely, both in the facilities and in the people in the environment, which live for the coarse part of the barracks?

Hike: It was actually my original idea to deal with exactly this question. I wanted to photograph in one of the short-closed barracks in Bamberg or Schweinfurt. Unfortunately that has not been implemented. Nobody fell so stealthy and I did not get permission.

They could be clean turkey, how many Lost Places photographers make ..

Hike: The goods definitely have not been a good idea. The Americans were completely deducted, but there were still people there, which wound around the settlement. In addition, this is the thesis for my photo design studies. I did not want to risk illegal activities.

What did you do instead?

Hike: I have changed my concept and focused on even active barracks of Garrison Ansbach and Bavaria, which probably will have a long way. Grafenwohr, for example, to the Garrison Bavaria, has a huge troop deposit, which is also used internationally.

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