Ios 15 co: the apple updates come on these iphones, ipads and macs

Ios 15 co: the apple updates come on these iphones, ipads and macs

Apple also supports alter hardware with coarse system updates: iOS 15 can be installed on all iPhones where iOS 14 is also running out of the system requirements published by Apple. The cover reaches back to the iPhone 6S and 6S plus from 2015, including the iPhone SE of the first generation (2016) can be updated on iOS 15.

At iPados 15 moves Apple as follows: The new version of the tablet operating system attached for autumn is compatible with all iPad Pro generations, the iPad from the Feden Generation, the iPad Mini from 4 and the iPad Air from 2, that’s enough Back to rates with year 2014.

Apple introduces IOS 15 (WWDC 2021) (Source: Apple)

Missing functions on old iPhones

Owners of old iphones and iPads, however, must set themselves on missing functions: Central innovations such as the detection of text in photos or the offline functions of the language assistance system Siri preserves Apple’s A12 chip (or later). So they are only available in Iphones from year of construction 2018 (iPhone XS, XR). The joint control of a MACS and iPads via keyboard and mouse (Universal Control) is also closing individual alter models like the iPad Air 2, iPad 5 and iPad Mini 4.

Further security updates for iOS 14 planned

When updating the iOS devices, users and users in the fall are more options than before: for the first time it will be possible to remain on iOS 14 and yet "Important security updates" to get how Apple notes.

So far, one had to switch to the publication of a rough new operating system version immediately when you continued to receive the latest security updates – and may take immediate bugs with the still fresh version. For example, Apple has not supplied updates for IOS 13 since the publication of iOS 14, alterless than the iPhone 6 gives but still safety updates for iOS 12 with particularly heavy light. Around the "fullest set" To get safety updates, but you also have to update the latest operating system version in the future, Apple.

No Macos 12 for certain alters Macs

With MacOS 12 Monterey, more Macs from Apple’s compatibility list: On MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros Year of construction 2013 and 2014, the operating system update will not be installed, even for the 12" MacBook Year 2015 is at MacOS 11 Big Sur conclusion, this is just as for 2014 iMacs. The Desktop Macs Mac Pro and Mac Mini does not exclude a series: MacOS 12 Monterey is installed on the Mac Pro (from 2013) and Mac Mini (from 2014). A release of the operating system updates for the general public is scheduled by Apple for autumn.

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