Javascript: electron 9.0 pays attention to correct language

Javascript: electron 9.0 pays attention to correct language

The JavaScript Framework Electron developed by Github is now available in Version 9.0. The new release of the frameworks tailored to cross-platform applications can be found next to the full updates for chromium, node.JS and V8, now in the respective versions 83, 12.14 and 8.3 are supported, including some breaking changes. In addition, the Electron Developers have worked on the chrome’s previous release of chrome as the Window Events Handler under Linux.

Word book customize

Since Electron 8.0 Can JavaScript developer can use the spelling from Chrome. In the new release, advanced options are now available for individual entries in the word book. Thanks to the session APIs, for example, can be session.ListWordsFromSpellChagerdictionary Add your own words or with session.RemoveWordFromspellCheckerDictionary remove.

Also known from Chrome and PDF-based PDF Viewer is now available and the team has dedicated itself to the pre-caching of ISWindowStateEvent () XATOM to improve the efficiency of Window Events Handler under Linux (PR 23260). Meanwhile, more important for Electron users were allowed to be the disappeared APIs and three breaking changes: the APIs already marked as deprecated .GetWebContents and webframe.SetLayoutoomlevellimits were now removed, shell.OPENITEM, however as "deprecated" marked and by asynchronous shell.OpenPath replaced.

Breaking Changes in Electron 9.0

With regard to art projects, developers should take into account that the remote module should be omitted and moved to Userland. Remote should therefore no longer be used without EnablerMotemodle: True.

In order to reach imminent requirements, as well as native node modules, which must be aware of either N-API or context aware when loading in the renderer process, is now app.EnablerendererProcessReuse already set standard on true.

After in Electron 9.0 The old serialization algorithm is no longer available, Lost the sending non-serializable objects the error message "Object could not be cloned" the end. The sending of such objects over IPC had traveled the Electron team in version 8.0 as "deprecated" marked.

Insight and outlook

A complete overview of all innovations offers a blog post to the release. An outlook on planned and potentious important amendments summarizes the overview of the breaking changes. Starting with Electron 10, for example, CONTEXSOLATION is to be set by FALSE to TRUE by default, because without the explicit isolation of any code in a renderer process could provide access to Electron Interna or the Preload script of an app.

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