“Metro exodus”: vibration features of the ps5 gamepad also on pc

A current patch for the PC version of "Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition" Improves the compatibility of the EGO shooter to the PS5 Gamepad "Dualsense". With the update, the Ukrainian Developer Studio 4a Games activates the pracisen vibration motors and adaptive triggers on the PC.

"Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition" is thus the first larger PC game that supports the special functions of the dualSense controller. Players can use the PS5 Gamepad with all the titles published on the Game Platform Steam. In this integration, however, only the standard functions, for example, the head and the simple vibration work.

The Features of the DualSense Controller tried

However, the advanced features of the Gamepad remained reserved for the PlayStation 5: The dualSense pad has built particularly more powerful vibration motors that give much nuanced force feedback than other games controllers. In addition, play now the resistance of the L2 and R2 shoulder buttons or "Trigger" adapt to the game situation. So the tensioning of a bow can be in the fingers differently than the impression of a pistol deduction. On the PS5 demonstrate the games like "Astro’s playroom" and the remake of "Demon’s soul", but also titles like "Call of Duty".

Individual vibration

In order for the nuanced force feedback to make sense, these features have to be implemented individually for each title. 4A Games is the first covert studio that integrates you not only for the PS5 version of your game, but also for the PC catch. This is an important step with signal effect, even if most PC fans prefer to play the ego shooter with mouse and keyboard: it shows that the integration of the dualSense functions on the PC is principally possible. Whether other developer studios 4a Games follow, remains to be seen.

Quite smoothly flaps the dualSense functions "Metro Exodus" But not yet: a report from Videogameschronicle, the Gamepad only jerks in touch with the game when it is connected to the PC via cable. According to Tom’s hardware, the Steam catch of "Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition" necessary, the version from the Epic Games Store supports the improved force feedback does not currently.

At the Enhanced Edition of "Metro Exodus" It is also a pure RTX game – who has no current graphics card with raytracing in the calculator, can not start it. The basic version of "Metro Exodus" Continue only the basic functions of the dualSense controller.

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