Microsoft flight simulator: the most important tips in the video

Microsoft flight simulator: the most important tips in the video

For 14 years, fans of the Microsoft flight simulators have been waiting for a new ie. Now she is there – and excites besides flight enthusiasts also newcomers. Johannes Bornsen of Our Site is a hobby flyer and has lit the flight simulator for several weeks more excellent. In a video series, he gives tips with the entry into the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Our site betrayed in the videos, among other things, which equipment you should have how to find places on coordinates which settings you can customize and how to display the frame rate.

Tips and tricks for flight simulator: Ie 1 Tips and tricks for flight simulator: Ie 2

The location shown in the video from the loading screen can be found in Chile on the following coordinates: -51.121320, -73.671507

Tips and tricks for flight simulator: How the joystick control works

Top graphics thanks to Microsoft Cloud

The Microsoft Flight Simulator came on 18. August on the market. He delights serial newcomers mainly because of his outstanding graphics. Possibly, the great optics of the flight simulator also makes the outsourcing of the world data to the Microsoft server. During the game, they are streamed to the computer of the user, which allows the detailed presentation of the entire globe. There are also realistic weather effects and faithful aircraft models together with interactive cockpits.

Flight Simulator 2020: ImageQuality

Microsoft flight simulator: the most important tips in the video

Quality comparison Flight Simulator 2020: 1080p, Ultra-Preset, Rendering Class 200

For flight simulator beginners, the flight school, which serves practically as tutorial. There you learn the flying of a Cessna 152 in eight missions: From the basic control of the aircraft and operation of the cockpit over start, landings and navigation you get taught the basic control. Basically, the flight simulator can also be controlled with mouse and keyboard well. Our site, however, recommends a joystick and fub pedals to tackle the maximum of game spab from the flight simulation of Microsoft.

The Flight Simulator is available in three editions for 70 euros (standard), 90 euros (deluxe) and 120 euros (premium deluxe), which differ by the number of available aircraft and finely reformed airport. In addition to the online sales versions via Windows Store and Steam, there are standard and premium expenses as a disc version with 10 DVDs distributing Aerosoft.

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