Photograph under pressure: nikon schlingert, leica on the track track

The photo industry is a prime example of our fast-beronging world. First, the digital cameras revolutionized the market to be increasingly being replaced by smartphones themselves. This constantly puts the companies under prere. But the species usually only in actionism and stupid cost subscribers. To be forward-looking, it takes more: namely a rethinking in the head.

When a company grows, it specializes in the management of gross. Budgeting, forecasting, controlling, hierarchy and chunky processes ensure that the coarse is managed efficiently. Mabs like those mentioned are even the prerequisite for achieving a certain corporate groove at all. However, if it comes to becoming innovative, these success factors are in barriers: Now, these maws are ensured that the company is wearing and slow. Now the leaders are asked to bring fresh wind into the teams. And that is also necessary, because in the behavior of many people, mental viruses have spread.

The INPUT virus

We are all incredibly busy. Hundreds of mails, telephone conferences, jerk pallets, complaints and countless meetings determine the daily routine of many people. The work everyday feels a tornado, which will be incredibly busy us as externally-controlled – yet rarely productive. He is fired through the Input Virus. If problems come, mails are immediately determined and Todo’s distributed. Actionism is rated high as reflection. By contrast, the supposed detour of reflection in practice is the true umbrellac track. To think about questions as: what’s exactly the problem? What is the cause? And what do we want to achieve at all? In short: sharp diagnostics of the status quo and precise formulation of a target state. Because only when the goal is clear, we can collect ideas with which activities we come to the goal. Many ways many ways to Rome drove. And so it is helpful if you collect different activities, evaluate and then decides only for those who really have an effect in the direction of the goal.

Grooked-want-want virus

But who questions already usual approaches? Who makes his mouth and asks "What for?", When the boss says: "this is how it’s done"? These things happen far too rare because we suffer from the groomed-want-want virus. For concern, the relationship gets a crack, we do not ask the delicate questions. Or is the concern before a possible consequence (penalty, revenge, a lack of commands, …) that we do not open my mouth.

The price is high. Because there is a lack of plain text. But only with plain text and a hard confrontation in the matter, the necessary discussions can take place in order to work on the future of a company. If everyone only say yes and amen and the question "What happens if I say that now?"Our consciousness controls, we control Souveran in a dead end.

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