“Planned obsolescence”: european consumer protection sue apple

Apple will not go the three years backing iPhone battery debacle. A federation of European consumer protection organizations now wants to prevail in Europe for end customers: two collective actions against Apple have already been submitted in Belgium and Spain by local consumer protectioners, two more should follow in Italy and Portugal, as the organization of Euroconsumers announced. You won the manufacturer so that "Send clear message that planned obsolescence can not be accepted long".

Consumer protections demand 60 euros per iPhone

The attempt to regulate the matter with Apple out-of-court, was failed, emphasized Euroconsumers on Wednesday. The lawsuits cover several million iPhones sold in Europe, including Iphone 6, 6s, 7 and SE, per affected Gerat will be a payment of "On average at least 60 euros" demands.

He hope for one "Snowball effect", in which another European countries adhere to the lawsuits, a lawyer declared the peculiar side against the Financial Times. In a letter to the claim, Apple has the premieges in advance as "Factist and legally wrong" designated – the company was "Never reduce the user experience", To buy customers to buy. Longevity is important, Apple explained in an opinion against the economic newspaper, only then customers became their devices "love".

Power throttling against iPhone emergency shutdown

The legal steps should be adopted at contaminated collective actions in the United States who wants to enclose the Apple with a payment of $ 500 million aufberglar – without guilty statement. In lawsuits of US states, the manufacturer is apparently paying a further $ 100 million of US dollars. Also in Europe, Apple were imposed first penalties, including 25 million euros in France. In Great Britain, Apple committed changes to iPhone performance management "Clear and honest" to communicate.

The first with iOS 10.2.1 quietly enforced power throttling should prevent the unexpected emergency shutdown of Iphones with a bad battery – a particular problem with a massive problem, which simply went on many users in winter and initially no longer restart without power supply.

Only after a large number of frustrated iPhone owners have documented the sometimes significant slowdown of their equipment at the end of 2017 by tests and benchmarks, apple apologized, improved by software update and exchanged the battery for a lump sum of just under 30 euros for one year.

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