Short informed: electricity, cyber attack, online shopping, sky

Short informed: electricity, cyber attack, online shopping, sky

Renewable energies covers 2020 almost half of the power consumption

Renewable energies such as wind and solar power have covered almost half of the power consumption in Germany this year. Concretely, the proportion of electricity from wind, photovoltaics, biomass and other regenerative energy carriers was a good 46 percent of gross electricity consumption, such as premium calculations of the center for solar energy and hydrogen research Baden-Wurttemberg and the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management showed. Last year, he was 42.5 percent. One reason for the increasing portion of the okostrom is based on the electricity consumption falling through the Corona pandemic. Goods this year as much electricity as consumed in 2019, renewable energies had covered a good 44 percent of electricity consumption.

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Cyber attacks against US ministries – Moscow under suspicion

According to various media reports, hackers should have attacked the financial and commercial ministry as well as other US resorts. The Washington Post reported hackers with links to Russian intelligence service are responsible for the attacks. It is unclear what information was abandoned. The cyberattacks lasted for months. These are the same hackers who had attacked the IT security company Fireeye, the US resists often turn on when cyberataps. Fireeye had announced last Tuesday, at the attack was also stolen attack software, with which the company usually tests the defense systems of his customers.

Online shopping for the climate balance not necessarily worse

For the climate balance during shopping, the Federal Environment Agency is mainly the product itself and its production crucial – and less, whether customers order in the network or buy in the corner of the corner. Up to three quarters of greenhouse gas emissions are deprived of manufacturing, the authority told an appeal to a study commissioned by it. Trade and transport therefore only a share between one and ten percent of the greenhouse gases that arise in the lifecycle of a product overall.

Content from Amazon Prime video come to Sky

Amazon brings the contents of his streaming service Prime video on the SKY-Q receiver. This allows a partnership between the two companies, shared Sky with. As part of the cooperation, the On-Demand-Service Sky Ticket and the Abo Service Now TV should be available on Fire TV from Amazon. Sky also integrates Netflix and Disney + – users have to pay for all these services, but they pay separately.

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