Shortly informed: aviation, mac, electric cars, jeff bezos

Shortly informed: aviation, mac, electric cars, jeff bezos

Air transport industry wants another billion from the federal government

Immediately before the planned aviation summit of the Federal Government, the industry has demanded additional billion aid from the Confederation. According to airlines, the airport and the federal German air traffic security had to be renovated with taxpayers, requires representatives of industry associations, which participate in the meeting planned for Friday in Berlin. In addition, perspectives for a pandemic-safe air traffic had to be created. By contrast, it hails criticism from the transport club VCD, which pays attention to an environmental contract. Attemptured structures were not allowed to be trimmed with billions. Unconditional assistance as in Lufthansa durfe there is no longer, but they had to be coupled to climate protection.

Short informed by Our Site · Short informed 05.11.2020: Aviation, Mac, Electric cars, Jeff Bezos

Microsoft Office comes for Mac computers with arm processors

If the first Mac computer comes on the market with ARM processors, Microsoft might become apparent with his office package – not only emulated by Rosetta 2, but native. Parts of a first application from the Buroprogram collection are now running on Apple Silicon run. When Office is completely standing for Arm Macs, however, is still unclear. It is possible that Microsoft will first make detailed changes to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook Co. Principle for Apple Silicon to do run. The fact that the complete package will appear native, but many observers are considered safe. Apple will present first gardures with Apple Silicon next Tuesday.

Share of electric cars increased to new pastes

Electric cars are in the European Union on the rise: just under 274.000 cars and thus every tenth passenger vehicle sold in the third quarter was an electric car, as the industry association ACEA announced. In the same period of the previous year, the proportion was still at three percent. Hybrid cars now made 12.4 percent of the EU car market. 2.3 percent of the solds are operated with alternative drive materials such as ethanol.

Jeff Bezos enchants Amazon shares for more than three billion dollars

Amazon Chef Jeff Bezos has sold shares in the value of more than $ 3 billion in this week’s shares of more than 3 billion US dollars. According to the data of the US Borsenaufsicht SEC, Bezo has made available to Amazon shares in the value of 10.2 billion dollars this year. The well-richest person in the world uses capital, among other things, to finance his missile start-up Blue Origin. He also seems to his "Bezos Earth Fund" with it.

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