Shortly informed: climate protection law, moderna, us technology, autonomous cars

Shortly informed: climate protection law, moderna, us technology, autonomous cars

Climate protection law violates freedom rights of young ones

The policy must improve the climate protection to protect the freedom rights of simple generations. The Federal Climate Protection Act is too short, the Federal Scarf Court judged on Thursday. The Karlsruhe Richter committed the legislator to regulate the reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions for the time after 2030 by the end of the year. It can not be granted to a generation, "to consume rough parts of the CO2 budget under comparatively milder reduction load, although at the same time the following generations surprise a radical reduction load and their lives were exposed to comprehensive freedom pubes".

Short informed by Our Site · Short informed 29.04.2021: Climate Protection Act, Moderna, US technology, autonomous cars

Moderna wants to increase vaccine production

The US pharmaconzern Moderna increases its production of Corona vaccine and wants to deliver up to one billion doses this year alone. In the coming year it should be up to three billion. Moderna ames that both for refreshments of already vaccinated as well as for vaccination of children and adolescents in the next few years continue to be used in size Corona vaccine. The mRNA vaccine can also be adapted to variants quickly. New study results show that the vaccine in the refrigerator at 2 to 8 degrees is last three months, instead of adopted only one.

USA in technology competition under prere

US Prasident Joe Biden warned that the United States without significant investment in technology in international competition will be backed by competitors such as China. Decades ago, the US had invested two percent of gross domestic product in research and development, now it is less than one percent. At his first speech in front of both chambers of the US Congress memorized biders, the US had the products and technologies of the future "Develop and dominate", So batteries, biotechnology, computer chips and clean energy.

Swiss researcher developed "Eye test" For sensors

As can be seen, whether a self-propelled car "blind" It has become, Miriam Elser and her team in the laboratory for vehicle drive systems of the Swiss Material Support and Research Center. Your team wanted to develop a singer test for autonomous vehicles so that you are still trusting, if you are several years old and completed thousands of kilometers. The Swiss scientist examines how sensors of an autonomous car work on different ambient conditions which data collect and when they make mistakes or even fail.

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