Shortly informed: eu council prosident, qualification, evilquest, facebook

Shortly informed: eu council prosident, qualification, evilquest, facebook

Germany accommodates chairmanship in the EU and the UN Security Council

Germany ames the Council Prosident in the European Union until the end of the year and at the same time for a month chaired in the UN Security Council. Top theme is the fight against the Corona crisis in both bodies. The expectations of the Federal Government are high. Presidency of the 27 EU states is the first gross goal of bringing the next seven-year-old EU budgetary framework and a billionary economic program in July. Also important are the planned trading pact with a Great Britain after Brexit as well as climate protection, digitization and migration.

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Microsoft and Google want to start qualification programs for workers

The technology corporations Google and Microsoft want to grab people under their arms with two coarse-applied qualification programs, whose jobs were deleted by the consequences of lung disease COVID-19 or are threatened with acute. Microsoft now launched a qualification initiative for 25 million workers worldwide. Google set up a program that focuses on around ten million people and companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. They are to be supported by the end of 2021 in it, with digital tools and work skipping the consequences of the pandemic faster to overwind. As a side effect, the initiatives could also be alleviated.

New Mac ransomware circulates in illegal copies

In a Russian forum, a new interaction shade has emerged, which has apart from Mac users. The malwarebytes "Evilquest" Baptized Ransomware is in illegal copies of MacOS apps – it was discovered for the first time in a package in which supposedly the popular safety tool Little Snitch. In addition to the interconnection routine, EvilQuest also installs a keylogger for the co-writing of keyboard inputs such as passwords. Malwarebytes has already supplemented his own virus protection for a recognition routine for the shadling; Other Mac security tools were allowed to follow.

VW and SAP Boycotting Facebook Advertising

Volkswagen and SAP do not want to advertise on Facebook as well as Beiersdorf. In addition to Puma and Henkel, they belong to the first German coarse companies who adopt the social network’s worldwide advertising boycott. The companies that have joined the campaign #stophathisprofite, be able to handle the LAXEN handling Facebooks with hate comments. Facebook is to be moved by a lack of advertising revenues to act stronger against such postings as before.

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