Spyware scandal: nso group blocks states of pegasus use

Spyware scandal: nso group blocks states of pegasus use

The controversial NSO Group has now excluded some states at least temporary from the use of their spyware. In any case, an anonymous source from the Israeli company has insured the US news channel NPR opposite. Which and how many customers can not use the spyware currently do not use the employees or the employees. The company itself had after the youngest entreaties of one "Well orchestrated media campaign" spoken and has not responded since then press inquiries, "In order not to be part of this humidician and slanderous campaign". Mid-week government official Buros had visited the company.

In the crossfire of criticism

Although the Spyware business of the NSO Group has been in criticism for years, the debate has started in the criticism, but in mid-July. An international journalist consortium had given publicly that on dozens of smartphones of journalists, human rights companies, whose family gourfactants and managers have been found traces of attacks with the company’s Pegasus software. Pegasus uses security swallowing in smartphone software to gain far-reaching access to data. The numbers belonged to a record with more than 50.000 Phone numbers evaluated by the journalists and journalists. Accordingly, there was even a number of France’s Prasident Emmanuel Macron, in which country there is now an investigation.

While the NSO Group denies the pre-rejects, but Israel’s government recognized the history of the matter. A delegation visited the Buros of the NSO Group in Herzlia near Tel Aviv. What the attendee has acted exactly, the Ministry of Defense has not blaughtered, in the media was even speech by a search. Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz had visited France in parallel and ared his counterpart that the matter is examined with gross seriousness, cited the Guardian. Gantz had therefore defended export licenses for spyware only a few days before, but ared that the customers had to fulfill certain standards.

Insider contradicts industry representatives

At the beginning of the week, an anonymous ex employee of Cellebrite in the newspaper Haaretz had raised heavy premieges to the industry of spyware providers. Just like the NSO Group, Cellebrite’s most modern technology for hacking ago, from maps to prevent abuse, the person did not notice anything there. Instead, knowingly products and services have been sold to customers with connections to autocratic regimes. The arguments of Cellebrite, NSO CO. In order to defend their business, it is easy to deception and if they were no longer selling their technology to autocratic states, people were less priced there.

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