Steampal: valve allegedly works on linux pc in switch format

Steam operator Valve should work on a handheld PC for video games. This reports the US technology magazine ARS Technica, which relates to non-renamed sources. The portable computer should be inspired by the Nintendo Switch and run with Linux as operating system.

According to ARS Technica, Valve is currently testing several prototypes of the handheld PC, which is currently being called steampal internally. A prototype is the technical magazine wider as a Nintendos Switch console and should also accommodate joystick and a touchpad in addition to the gear buttons and triggers that can be found by Gamepads, including the lateral controls.

These are placed as with the switch on the side of the device, Ars Technica writes, but can not be removed in contrast to the Nintendo model. The screen of the Steampal should also be operated by touch. Technical details of the resolution and hardware of the Steampal prototype are largely missing. The handheld PC should run with a SOC of Intel or AMD. By USB-C cable you can couple it to larger screens.

More information

There are several evidence that the steampal is actually in progress: For example, developers have found in the code of Steam notes on a device that first "Neptune" Stretched and finally in "Steampal" has been surrounded. Valve boss Gabe Newell has become a console tarpaulin on a school event in New Zealand for console tarpaulins: this year you will know more, Newell said there.

Nintendos Switch is a massive successful platform despite the weak hardware and some technical inadmissibility: above all the flexibility of the console convinced. She is currently the only true way to block blockbuster titles like "The Witcher 3" or "Dome" without cloud detour mobile playable. No wonder so that also PC companies of the switch emphasize: For example, the Dell subsidiary Alienware has shown a prototype that best than "Nintendo Switch, but as a PC" denote. That "UFO" but did not hit the market.

Valve as a console manufacturer

Valve is in a particularly good position to celebrate with a handheld PC: As an operator of the Game Stores Steam, Valve was able to offer the hardware for whom and thus recovered losses with game sales – so it also makes Microsoft and Sony in their game consoles. The selection of Linux as operating system could further reduce the prize of the steampal – but also Ars Technica has no information on how expensive the device could ultimately be.

Valve’s early hardware project failed: The Steam Machines, a branding platform of Gaming PCs, worked for the Valve with OEMs, flopped, among other things because of the lack of Linux support of Steam games. This has now improved significantly: Thanks to proton, current titles are often playable quickly on the free operating system.

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