Thanku platform – thank you with a donation

Thanku platform - thank you with a donation

"Can you help me with it? You know you there." These sentences were allowed some of our readers already loving in life. It’s about the small assistance or larger (IT) rescue operations in the circle of acquaintances or in the family. Problems were released, disasters, or managed with the help of at least more professional, often the question of thanks are going on – and some helping do not want to do something good for help. The three German freshly rounded donation platform "Thank u" Dock exactly at this point in the social construct.

Chosen projects

If you have made a help and did not want to get a fuffi or something else printed in hand, you can know and relatives too "Thank u" forward onto. The non-profit platform offers the possibility to make a donation of environmental and animal welfare projects. The selection is disclosed on the organizations "Seven Clean Seas", "One Tree Planted" and "World Land Trust".

Thanku’s operators set for their platform according to their own statements on data saving and transparency. Among other things, that means that only as many data should be collected for donations, such as possible. Who donates, must specify about his e-mail address. This is made up of legal reasons, but also to exhibit a donation receipt.

Meaning someone telling that one has donated for his performance via Thanku (under function "Thanku send"), can be sent after the donation from the donating a link, the proof can be retrieved.

For example, people may also have to collect donations, for example, for their birthday or other occasion, as gifts to get a donation link in advance (via Via "Thanku received") Generate, which then let share.

Monthly reports

In order to meet the concept of transparency, the operators want to be unavailable monthly donation reports and also point out which proportion of donations are used for the costs incurred by the platform. Thus, the operators promise that at least 80 percent of a donation should actually achieve the donation. A first transparency report for June and July 2020 is already online.

Thanku platform - thank you with a donation

The land of Thanku (V.l.n.r.): Martin Belza, Lukasz Belza and Dr. Carsten Meyer. The idea of Thanku had the Berliner lawyer Lukasz Belza. He wishes that people use Thanku in everyday life to thank others and so previously unused donation potential for good purposes to activate.

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