“Total was: troy” applicates exclusively and free of epic games store

Epic Games tries to be a new form of exclusive ideal: the upcoming strategy game "A Total was Saga: Troy" will not only appear at the EPIC Games Store, but to be available for free for free. EPIC combines its two most popular methods to attack Steam.

who "Total was: Troy" wants to take free in the EPIC Games Store, must be fast: the strategy game will be available for free 24 hours after the start. Beyond "Troy" Normal price costs – expected between 40 and 50 euros. The release of "Total was: Troy" is for the 13. August planned, a year later can "Troy" Then also appear on Steam. Pre-orderable was the game yet. the "Totally"-Series is one of the most important strategies on the PC.

Trailer too "Total was: Troy" (Source: Creative Assembly)

Financial interest and new users

In a blog entry, the developers of Creative Assembly, among other things, decided with financial interests. In addition, it is long-term goal of the company to bring the total war games to other platforms. The deal with EPIC allows appropriate improvements to the infrastructure of the back-end. You still hope to achieve new target groups through the free deal. It is a unique deal. According to Creative Assembly, there is no plan, future ies of "Totally" also unaval exclusively in the Epic Games Store.

The blog entry reads very defensive: Creative Assembly seemed already knowing that the exclusive domestic in the community was not well received: "Please make your criticism of the studio as a whole and not to individual employees, which you find on social media platforms", Write Ca in the blog entry.

In fact, in the forums and social media, the negative reactions to the exclusive domestic with the Epic Games Store, which still has a bad reputation among many PC players. because "Total was: Troy" The Trojan War addresses, the Epic Games Store is compared in many comments with the Trojan horse.

The Epic Games Store is criticized, because its functionality is significantly reduced compared to Steam. For example, there is no system for user reviews. at "Totally" In addition, the missing Steam Workshop will be related to the content created by users. The series traditionally also lives on the high-quality additional packages that the modding community for other players. Without the Steam Workshop, the modding scene was allowed to fight with significant difficulties from the beginning with significant difficulties.

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