Tracking-opt-in in ios 14: other companies warn against sales pits

Tracking-opt-in in ios 14: other companies warn against sales pits

After Facebook, further bored companies have warned against incalculable effects by a pending data protection change in IOS 14: The Game Engine Unity pointed out investors that the tracking opt-in from Apple soon was allowed to affect their own business and the game industry directly on their own business and the game industry : The innovation affects "The way to win new customers with the developers of mobile games and how the Customer Lifetime Value is optimized", It is called Unity – talking how much money is during the whole "Playing" Leave this generation.

Unity sees sales pits

Unity predicts that changes to iPhones and iPads reduces sales by around $ 30 million, which is a reduction of around 3 percent of the expected total sales in the business year 2021. However, the actual pits through Apple’s tracking opt-in are still difficult to conclude, the company shared with the announcement of the youngest business figures.

The messaging app snapchat flourishes that with iOS 14.5 Coming Tracking Opt-In "Interruption" In the demand of advertising bursts leads. The long-term effects on their own business can not be refrained yet, these were probably only several months later clear, explained Snaps CFO against financial analysts after the announcement of the business figures.

Snap wants to put more on your own data

Snaps Chief Business Officer Jeremi Gorman Thoroughly opposite CNBC, It was worked closely with Apple in the implementation of changes and will put on my own data (First-party data) for advertising purposes. "We believe Apple does the right for his customers", so gorman. You feel well prepared, but such amendments drove "Common to troubles and the result is uncertain".

In iOS 14.5 Can not access apps on the advertising ID (IDFA) of iPhones and iPads, you must instead have Apple’s new interface "App Tracking Transparency" (ATT) use. Users automatically see a hint and must first agree to advertising tracking – only then the app may read the promotional ID. It allows to create it, among other things, to create vendor-ugregne profiles for personalized advertising.

App providers are also obliged by Apple to respect the user’s decision and not to track them in other way of advertising with unregistered approval. If you want to return control of the user to the user, whether he agrees to a promotional tracking by third parties, so Apple. Your self-collected user data can continue to use app providers for personalized advertising without having to obtain a tracking opt-in.

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