Vr glasses hp reverb g2: 4k resolution and valve lenses for 600 us dollars

Vr glasses hp reverb g2: 4k resolution and valve lenses for 600 us dollars

Manufacturer HP has explored its third virtual reality. The Reverb G2 is like the first reverb to Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality Platform (WMR), but in addition in partnership with Valve was created and is therefore completely compatible with SteamVR. The resolution remains identical to 2160 × 2160 pixels per eye, ie 4320 × 2160 pixels as a whole, but new LCD panels are used.

The two 2.89 inches of coarse displays have a high maximum brightness and better contrast than in the process, which also decreases the persistence movements should be more liquid. The refresh rate remains at 90 Hertz, the field of view at 114 degrees. Fresnellinses for the light break are a separate development of Valve. HP admits that the reverb (1) had a gray-firing, which should be resolved at the REVERB G2. The eye spacing can be set over a slider between 60 and 68 mm.

VR glasses HP Reverb G2

Vr glasses hp reverb g2: 4k resolution and valve lenses for 600 us dollars

Four cameras for inside-out tracking

The inside-out tracking from Microsoft’s WMR kit pursues head, player and hand movements with four instead of two cameras, without the help of external stations. The two additional cameras sit on the sides, so that the REVERB G2 controller movements also tracked laterally. Meanwhile, the controllers receive a custom shape and the thumb Touchpads make room for two buttons each. Finger movements are not tackled differently than Valves VR glasses index.

The Reverb G2 is somewhat heavy with 550 grams as the first reverb VR glasses, but thanks to coarse surgical luggage, however, should be more comfortable. In addition, the fastening system can be pushed up for easier removal back – a folding of the VR glasses during the use of HP does not look like. The speakers superspire HP one to one of Valves Index: they do not sit directly, but are about 10 mm away from the ears.

USB Type C for more power

The cable harness to the REVERB G2 is 6 m long and Mundet in a DisplayPort-1.3 connection and USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type C (5 GBit / s) for data and power transmission. The 4.5 watt of USB type A no longer enjoy. If you do not have a type C connection with USB Power Delivery, you can use the enclosed power supply with adapter.

HP sells the REVERB G2 from the fall 2020. The North American prize remains identical to $ 600, so that VR glasses were allowed to take over the approximately 600 euros of reverb (1) in Germany.

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