Microservices: thorntail bows in front of quarkus and takes on farewell

The team behind Thorntail has announced to hire the Open Source project after five years. The software started under the name Wildfly Swarm aims for suitable tailored Java application packages for Microservices architectures. As a reason for the setting, the team calls two aspects: Quarkus has established itself in the Micrososervices segment, and the application server Wildfly, which is the open source basis for Red Hat JBoss EAP, is now fully tailored to the Microprofile API.

From Wildfly Swarm to Thorntail

In mid-2015, the first alpha of Wildfly Swarm has appeared. The project aimed for properly tailored variants of the Java application server for specific applications. It relies on the FAT-JAR concept or single JAR Applications: all needed components for exporting an application including the components of the application server in a Java archive.

With the version jump to 2.0 also changed the name of the project: From Wildfly Swarm was Thorntail. By mid-2020, some minor releases followed. The current version Thorntail 2.7.0 has been published in June and will be the last update of the series planned.

uberholt by Quarkus

Now a blog post is titled "The end of an ARA" appeared who asked the attitude of the project. This is also the 4.X prototype slacky, which is a new architecture due to 1.X and 2.X should bring about collected experiences.

An important reason for the farewell to Thorntail is the besle of Quarkus. Version 1.0 of the open source framework has been published in November 2019, and its origins are like that of Wildfly Swarm at Red, which is fully with the slogan "Supersonic Subatomic Java" had called. Quarkus covers the typical thorntail application trap and became successful quickly.

Catch-up of wildfly and co.

At the same time, Wildfly has filled some of the leaching, which were originally a reason for the start of the Wildfly-Swarm project. The Java application server offers full support for MicroProfile 3.3 and sets as well as Thorntail and Quarkus on SmallRye components.

The origionary in the course of Wildfly Swarm-invented so-called Hollow Jars are now also part of all coarse application servers. The hollow Java archives contain the components required for exportation of a particular application, but in contrast to FAT or Uber Jars not the application code itself.

Thorntail has become overflowed between Quarkus and Wildfly. How the well-known German Java developer Adam Bien notes in his blog: "Thorntail was not as comfortable as wildfly and not as high as Quarkus".

If no larger security bugs appear more, there are no further thorntail releases planned – at least not for the open community project. For the Red Hat Build by Thorntail, on the other hand, the company has explained further support.

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