Report: apple takes store suppliers into the pliers

Report: apple takes store suppliers into the pliers

Apple seems to screw in the corona crisis on the conditions for third-party manufacturers who want to distribute their products via the official Apple store. Like the in the Great Britain The Telegraph reports, it is also affected by the – currently booming paragraph over Apple’s in-house online store. Some suppliers report, they were from the iPhone Group "pronounced".

Anti-demand payment term, changed sales model

According to the information, the manufacturers have to be significantly longer to wait for their money. The payment term was demanded from 45 to 60 days. The only goods were not very tragic, because other handlers in Covid-19 times require similar constituents. It is unclear, for how many countries the new measures apply; Apple guides models but like the same worldwide.

The iPhone manufacturer represents loud The Telegraph At the same time the sales model. There is a so-called consignment model, a commission-based sale. This ensures that the Apple Retail Store and the Apple Online Store believe the report first dropped money when a product was actually sold, not already when Apple has received it (plus 60 days, sees itself). Thus, Apple moves the inventory costs quasi to the suppliers.

No trial possible, Apple says little

According to the report, such attempts are not new. However, it was previously possible to negotiate directly with the Group and to ward off them. Now the company sets the rules and shows itself not spoken. All suppliers had to follow the new model, the new "Term" be "Not open to negotiation", How it is called in the English original. Manufacturers are actually represented in the Apple store as well as the online store of the Group, because both have a broad target group and can also make new products known. However, the changes in the timer, what Apple thermosets the allegation, to exploit the current situation – especially since the stores in many countries due to the Lockdown mails of various governments are not imposed.

An affected company said opposite the telegraph Apple do not favor his supplier. These suffered increasingly under "Cash problems". Nevertheless, hardly a company will get out of the tolerating, because the "Brand Publicity" be so rough at Apple. Apple commented against the newspaper only, you work "closely with world-class companies together", which were sold on the distribution channels. Apple checks his assortment of third-party products and the structure of the business models "regularly", To the supplier "a reliable and secure growth" admit.

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